Our thermochromic document changes color within the temperature variety of 31oC (88oF) come 37oC (98oF). Together the record is held in your heat hands, the shade will begin to readjust or disappear. Together it cools, it changes back. The bike repeats itself indefinitely. 8.5" x 11". This 24 lb. Document will expropriate most varieties of printing consisting of photocopier, laser, ink jet, pen, pencil, etc. The paper can be printed on both sides.

Each package consists of three brilliant colors:

Green to Yellow Blue to White Magenta to White

great for bookmarks, secret messages, and also papers your students will never lose. Note: The Glossy warmth Sensitive paper works best in Laser Printers and also most traditional copying machines. It might not feed properly in octopus Jet Printers.

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Feb 4, 2019
We have uncovered the heat sensitive document to it is in a an excellent addition to our outreach program around color changing substances; just how to make make the substance adjust color and also chemically, what does the color readjust indicate. Every individual is given a plastic bag containing the four different colored sheets of heat sensitive document that were reduced into approximately 4 x 4 inch squares. ~ removing the sheets native the bag, each individual "plays" through the sheets. Some notice they adjust colors when hosted in your hands, others perform not. They are told come breath on every sheet, i m sorry all readjust colors as soon as they do (warmth of their breath). Asked what their exhaled breath is composed of, with guidance, they come to consider water, carbon dioxide, and also warmth of their breath as feasible causes for the change. Utilizing a hair dryer on short setting, they watch that the warmth air causes the shade change. They also see that when the document cools it changes earlier to the original color. The various colors indicates a different substance is present in every of the 4 papers. The term "thermochrome" is climate introduced. Ns have found that this is a great lead in come other heat sensitive materials. The audience leaves through a far better understanding of these materials, although we perform not go into the chemical structures and also how the structures adjust when cook or cooled.
jan 9, 2019

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Any advice on how to create a mystery message with this paper. Ns just gaining the sample pack and also I don"t want to waste the paper truu g to number it out on my own. It"s for a valentine"s idea the I have actually