Hey all you Starbucks pros! ns love going come Starbucks but I can't take it the taste the coffee. I constantly want to try something brand-new but climate panic and just bespeak a hot cacao or something. What is your best coffee pointer that doesn't have that bitter coffee taste?


If you don't favor the taste that coffee at ALL, ns would shot the refreshers. They space made with green coffee extract, and also don't taste choose coffee in ~ all. They're like juices and come in three seasonings - lime, berry and orange.

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If you favor tea, and you desire something hot, shot a chai latte. Or a environment-friendly tea latte.

More coffee drink that aren't very solid coffee flavored - mocha (espresso, chocolate, milk, with whipped cream ~ above top), white mocha (espresso, white chocolate, milk with whipped cream on top), mocha frappuccino (frappuccino roast coffee, milk, chocolate, ice, basic to do the entirety thing thick and also so the won't separate, v whipped cream top top top.)

I would certainly disagree v /u/kiwi_goalie, i think ours iced coffee is very strong and bitter.

If friend still desire to drink yes, really coffee, shot the blonde roast or a misto with flavor added. Lattes and other espresso drink that are milk-heavy are also a an excellent choice.

If you choose subtle hints of coffee, ns would suggest a toffee seed misto with nonfat -^ it's among my favorites as soon as it's a rainy day in ~ work

Don't you think toffee seed is the most under-appreciated syrup? Like, why execute we even have hazelnut, with that bitter, chemistry aftertaste?

You should shot a Mocha, or Mocha mixed with something favor toffee nut, caramel, raspberry, or peppermint.

You'll still get a tiny bit of coffee taste yet it's a yes, really delicious drink the I've offered to acquire multiple friends right into coffee that were in the same watercraft as you.

I love the really berry refresher. It quenches her thirst, tastes awesome, and also has eco-friendly coffee in the which provides it a kick.

Try a macchiato. It's sweetened v vanilla and also a sweet drizzle the your an option (caramel, hazelnut, or vanilla are the present US offerings), and the shots room poured v the height of the milk so the espresso flavor is less harsh.

any crème based frappuccino. Vanilla bean. Dual chocolaty chip. Environment-friendly tea. Strawberries and also crème. Chai crème. Yet if you average caffeine without the coffee spices then the refresshers or black/green teas room your finest bet.

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