Classical people is the examine of the background and culture of the old Greeks and also Romans. Food offerings cover every facet of life in the ancient world, including politics, warfare, law, slavery, gender and sexuality, religion and also magic, sports and also leisure, death, drama and philosophical thought. These topics room explored with the research of ancient texts in translation and the archaeological record.

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Most students pick to significant in timeless Civilization due to the fact that of their fascination with the old world. Nevertheless, Classical people is also wonderful educational experience. Research of the old past boosts understanding of the present because of the great debt the the modern world come the classical past. In addition, the striking differences between ancient civilization and also our own aid put the modern-day world right into perspective. More practically speaking, process in Classical people enhance an easy skills together as vital thinking and competence in written and also oral communication.

Although understanding of Greek or Latin is not forced for this major, us encourage majors to learn the ancient languages. Majors need to be conscious that graduate program in classic Studies and Ancient history usually require at the very least three year of examine of Greek and Latin. If you room interested in applying for graduate school, speak to her advisor as shortly as possible.

In enhancement to the learning goals for every Majors, the classical Civilization significant asks college student to:

understand the interrelationship of history, society, and society of the ancient Greco-Roman civilization learn practical and also theoretical methods for knowledge this interrelationship familiarize oneself through at the very least one old civilization outside of Greek and also Roman worlds


Effective fall 2018:



Requires a minimum the 2 process from the following choices, because that a full of 8 credit hours. One course should emphasize Greek society and the other course need to emphasize roman inn culture.

Classical people 101: The ancient Greek people Classical world 102: The ancient Roman World background 200: greek to 201 B.C. History 201: Rome good Books 191 classic Archaeology 221: Intro to Greek Archaeology classical Archaeology 222: Intro to roman inn Archaeology


A minimum that 9 process of at least 3 credits each. Expertise of Greek or Latin is not required for this program however is extremely recommended.

One CLCIV food at the 200-level (minimum 3 credits). six courses (minimum 18 credits) in classical Civilization, v at least three at the 300-level and also at the very least two in ~ the 400-level. 3 of the six have to belong to one of the adhering to clusters: A) Language, Literature and Reception, B) history and Archaeology, C) Religion and also Philosophy. Greek and also Latin language process at the 3rd term or higher may be counted towards any of the swarm courses or as one of the three added courses (with front approval native the significant advisor) 1 upper-level cognate course (minimum 3 credits) liked in consultation v the significant advisor. The "Capstone Seminar" (advanced discussion and also writing of a 12-15 page research record on a topic in classic Civilization) (3 credits) (Must register for ar 001 (2 credits) and also section 002 (1 credit)). Offered in the loss term only.



One vast introductory course on Greek or Roman culture from the complying with (or as tantamount for a transferred course):

Classical human being (CLCIV) 101: The ancient Greek people ClassicalCivilization (CLCIV) 102: The ancient Roman World history 200: greek to 201 B.C. History 201: Rome good Books 191 classical Archaeology 221: Intro come Greek Archaeology timeless Archaeology 222: Intro to roman inn Archaeology


At the very least 5 process (minimum 16 credits) in timeless Civilization. One of the 5 need to be another course from the prerequisite perform above, in the civilization not favored to accomplish the Prerequisite. In addition, at the very least one of the remaining four courses should be in ~ the 400-level.

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One the the 300-level process in Classical world may be substituted for with any of the following:

One food in timeless Archaeology One course in Greek or Roman background (other 보다 one taken as a prerequisite) One food in old Greek or Latin in ~ the third-semester level or above GREEKMOD 325, “Athens, Present and also Past”

Honors Major

In enhancement to the major requirements stated above (with the exemption of the capstone seminar, CLCIV 480/481), Honors candidates must attain fourth-term proficiency, as characterized by the language requirement, in either ancient Greek or Latin. They must likewise take 2 upper-level cognate courses deemed appropriate (at the discretion that the thesis advisor) to the topic of the Honors thesis. Honors students receive six credits throughout their senior year because that researching and also writing the Honors thesis (CLCIV 495); they should offer an oral defense of this work, in a type to it is in agreed upon through their thesis advisor. The thesis need to be a minimum the 40 pages in length. Interested students who have a accumulation grade point average of at least 3.5 should contact their major advisor no later on than the winter hatchet of their junior year at the latest. For further information watch the senior Honors Thesis section.