Marvels of the Ancient World Scenario - All difficulties, all people, all success - A little guide

Shortcuts for the albums (conserves below):

Deity: 118 turns, as the Hittites. Achievements: win on deity, win as Muwatallis, consult Oracle 2 times, build 3 wonders in the exact same city

Immortal: 161 transforms, as Egypt. Achievements: win on immortal, win as Ramesses II

Emperor: 167 transforms, as Persia. Achievements: win on emperor, win as Darius I, Capture three wonders by dominating foe cities,

King: 171 turns, as Greece. Achievements: win on king, win as Alexander, (develop Temple of Artemis and Statue of Zeus in the same city, not forced to perform in this scenario, but you will certainly acquire it)

Prince: 147 transforms, as Sumer. Achievements: win on prince, win as Gilgamesch.

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The Scenario The Civ wiki has a really good summary of this scenario, i recommfinish analysis the article ( I will provide some basic hints and tricks that assisted my in the time of my 5 playthroughs.

Just that much:

Tbelow are 9 different wonders to construct. The Oracle is obtainable at the begin, for all other wonders you require earn society, gold, xp and also research study innovations. For the gold and also society, it just counts the "per turn" amount, so culture and also gold from ruins and also plain gold create trades don't count in the direction of the goal.

A useful strategy for the gold wonders is to market the own resresources and gold for gold per turn to the AIs, which will slow their progression dvery own quiet a lot and also will boost yours.

On higher difficulties you have the right to ignore the technology wonders, you won't get them.

The wonders you normally have the right to aim for are the army wonders, because the AI doesn't go to battle simply for the purpose of acquiring XP to unlock them. You deserve to farm barbs and City claims to unlock them.

The cultural wonders are a twin edged sword, via Civs like Egypt, who acquire a society bonus, you probably can gain 1 or probably both, yet it's a risky strategy (at leastern on deity). Better emphasis on army and also gold wonders.

And then there's the Oracle, accessible from the begin. Going for the Oracle on rotate 1 may seem choose a beginner's trap on high difficulties, it actually is a very great choice to build it tright here though. With an excellent begin you will certainly gain it most of the moment.

Tbelow is additionally a scenario particular occasion, "consulting the oracle". You can relocate a great person following or into the city that has actually constructed the oracle and see for 5 turns the progression (concerning the requirements and also likewise the live progress of construction) of the AIs, which have the right to be advantageous.

In spite of having actually an excellent begin an getting let's say 4 wonders, you still can obtain unlucky and also have one runameans civ in the game who gets the various other 5 ones. Maybe some reloading and also bribing the civ into battle can readjust the outcome, but be all set to restart a game entirely.

The game ends as soon as all the wonders are created, and the Civ via the most points wins. Typically you will win if you have constructed the a lot of wonders (not on deity, you probably require a 2 wonder lead there, look with the album for explanation).

Neglecting building wonders and also just trying conquer them is not a good idea, it gives a lot less points this method, and also likewise you won't have the ability to conquer a civ that is on the various other side of the map and also wonder spamming.

Now for some tips concerning the difficulties. I started of with Deity.

1st playthrough, Deity difficulty ( rotate 27 savegame

You don't should have the ability to beat the deity AI in a traditional Civ singleplayer game to beat this scenario on deity. The only way to carry out it, is simply rerolling until you gain a really great begin.

Use the random map establishing, it will be better than the historical map.

For the Civ, I don't recognize if tbelow is a starting predisposition for each civ, but great civs for deity are Egypt (if you want to go for a social wonder), the Sumer (most likely the finest, the scientific research bonus is nice, it won't provide you a chance at scientific research wonders though, however the activity bonus on rivers deserve to be advantageous, and also the distinctive unit is a tank) and Persia (if you deserve to obtain a gold age, and the immortal is insane if an other civ wants to stomp you).

Keep in mind your funding hregarding be costal to develop the great lighthouse and the Colossus, and preferably on a river to gain added gold per rotate.

The wonders you must aim for on deity are:

The Oracle

Statue of Zeus

Great Lighhouse

Colossus of Rhodes

While the strategy for the first 3 is pretty much straighforward (begin with oracle, use the warrior to scout and farm barbs and CS for XP, also steal some workers), for the Colossus you have to have actually 3000 gold gained by gold per revolve. That's why the river is necessary. Don't be tempted to buy a worker or anypoint, offer your gold for gold per turn to the AI. Avoid flourishing also much and also sell your luxuries.

While the Temple of Artemis is exceptionally unlikely for you to acquire, Colossus is not. Normally an AI contending through you for it doesn't have a costal captial, offering you a far-reaching advantage.

If you can't obtain a great sufficient begin, I have actually a conserve at turn 27 on deity, through probably the ideal begin feasible. It need to be doable for many Civ players to get a win through this.

2nd to 5th playwith on immortal to prince difficulty

The old saying "what functions on deity functions here as well" is as always also true via this. You have the right to reroll for a dream begin and do the very same as on deity, yet that would certainly be boring, also because of the reality it is A LOT simpler to win, even on immortal. I will provide simply my playwith albums and also save files, yet simply go for what you think is the the majority of fun thing to execute.

Sadly for obtaining all accomplishments you need to play on all difficulties from 4 to 8, not favor in the Mongolia scenario, wright here winning on deity would give you 5 success, for the reduced diff. also. But this way you deserve to obtain the "win as civ X" achivement simultaniously.

Immortal, Egypt,

rotate 62 save

Emperor, Persia,

rotate 0 save

King, Greece,

revolve 0 save

Prince, Sumer,

rotate 0 save

My conclusion and opinion on this scenario:

On paper this scenario sound prefer many fun, because wonder building is one of the core features in civ and a satisfying thing to perform for the majority of players in their games, and also contending with various other civs for the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World need to feel quiet immersive. Sadly those expectations are only fulfilbrought about a very little amount. There is only very few interactivity with other civs and city states (mostly due to the poor diplomacy features in vanilla civ, which this scenario is based on), completely killing the environment. The consulting the oracle feature is a nice idea through the excellent persons being able to ask it, yet essentially just the civ having developed it have the right to use the feature, given that no AI or huguy player would certainly move a great perkid to that city. Also the timing for the science wonders is horrible, the modified tech tree renders obtaining 20 techs for a non deity AI and a humale player just a stupid waiting game. The library is ALWAYS the last wonder to be developed, and also the cost-free technology it offers is simply so stupid that it's funny aacquire. The game I had the a lot of fun was on Emperor as Persia, because the battle through Gilgamesch was satisfying. That was just possible since he was appropriate beside me, if he would've been on the various other side of the map, it would've been one more boring waiting game favor all the others, excpept deity. Below Deity, you pretty a lot have actually won with 4 wonders (many of the moment you will certainly have actually even more anyway), but deity is absolutely the most amazing, considering that you deserve to still loose on the last turn (not saying it is a great game mechanic that you have the right to loose having one wonder more).

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Long story short, it deserve to be fun, mos games are boring though, you can't compare this scenario with Scramble for Africa, Into the Renaissance and also Rise of the Mongols (my favourite 3). I would certainly rank it second to last, last being the Polynesian island also scenario (holy crap, that's so horrible).