I"ve already covered tactics for the people that have been added or explicitly adjusted in the Brave brand-new World expansion and its significant fall (2013) patch. Currently I"m walking to relocate on to various other legacy worlds that have actually not had explicit changes, however who might have had actually their tactics significantly altered by the expansions and other updates. The first such world that i am walk to handle is one that has been asked for from reader on at the very least several occasions. So, by well-known request, here is a strategy for Sultan Suleiman"s ottoman Empire.

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The rise of the ottoman empire coincided with the loss of the byzantine empire that started in the late thirteenth century. Turkish immigrants lead through Osman i took control of a region of Anatolia and also Osman claimed himself the first Sultan of a brand-new Islamic empire. The fledgling realm quickly began a bike of problems with the byzantine empire that culminated in the capture of Constantinople, i m sorry the Ottomans change the name Istanbul and also made their imperial capital. With regulate of the beneficial ports that Istanbul that attached the Mediterranean v the black Sea, the Ottoman realm rapidly came to be a dominant force in the center East and also Europe.

Sultan Suleiman The magnificent ruled the ottoman empire throughout the elevation of its strength in the sixteenth century. His fleets dominated the seas of the Mediterranean - and extended its influence all the way to India and Indonesia - thanks in component to the successes the Hayreddin Barbarossa, who recorded numerous pearl on his way to becoming the ottoman fleet admiral. In addition to armed forces successes, Suleiman additionally personally initiated a series of sweeping social and also legal revolutionary that contributed to the prospering of the ottoman arts and also economy.

The Ottoman realm would eventually come to be one of the most far-ranging casualties of civilization War I. The realm was already starting to succumb come the stress of internal strife and also a weakening economy. Your defeat in world War i basically liquified the footrest empire, and also what was left the its holdings ended up being the contemporary nation of Turkey.


Ottoman uniques in Civilization V: Brave brand-new World


The Ottomans are a an extremely military-oriented world that excels in the renaissance. It has actually two renaissance unique units, and also the increased relevance the navies during this period of the video game gives the Ottomans an edge against most other civs ~ above the high seas.

Barbary Corsairs

"All melee marine units have the compensation Ships promotion, allowing them to record defeated ships. Pay only one-third the usual price for marine unit maintenance."


The ottoman national capacity basically transforms all ottoman melee marine units right into pseudo-privateers the can record defeated enemy ships. Caught melee pearl will additionally have this ability. This enables the Ottomans to develop a huge navy without having actually to invest as lot production time into the building and construction of those units.

Prize pearls is just granted to melee navy units, but it deserve to be provided to catch ranged units as well. Recorded ranged naval devices will not obtain the prize ships ability. However, you deserve to use her ranged ships to damage an enemy and then do the killing blow with a melee ship in bespeak to have a possibility at recording it. You cannot capture enemy embarked land units or civilian naval units (such as work boats and also admirals).


This ability is similar to the German capacity to catch barbarians native encampments, and it deserve to be offered to similar effect. Yet it is various in fundamental ways. Many importantly, the is not restricted to barbarians. Friend can capture ships from adversary civs and city states, including distinct naval devices such together the oriental Dromon, Carthagenian Quinquereme, or Venetian good Galleass in the durations in i m sorry they room useful. Uneven the Germans, the Ottoman capability also remains advantageous throughout the entire game, and also especially during the period that the capability is many useful: after ~ the advancement of Astronomy. Her newly-constructed Destroyers will likewise be able to capture contemporary naval units without needing to be upgraded from Privateers.

Put simply, the Ottomans must always be in ~ war through somebody. whether it"s an additional civ or a city state (preferably a naval or mercantile one, because they many frequently develop naval units), you need to be capturing their ships and constantly growing your own fleet. The probability of recording a delivery is based on the raw combat strength of the particular ships. For this reason a Destroyer will certainly be an extremely likely to capture a Caravel, yet a Trireme would have to get an extremely lucky to capture a Caravel. The possibility of capturing the adversary ship is shown in the combat odds summary over the selected unit panel.

Since the Gods & Kings expansion, the ability for ottoman ships to catch enemy ships is the result of a compensation Ships promotion instead of an innate capability of the Ottomans. This has subtle, yet significant, implications in some cases. The promo is kept if the delivery is gifted to an additional player (but not if the delivery is captured). The Ottomans deserve to be a an extremely useful ally in sea-based multiplayer games, since they can gift some of their early on ships to allies or team members so the those allies can likewise start stealing their own big navy. Yet be careful! If your former ally turns on you, they can potentially usage your own ability against you!



Game Info: "One the the an initial gunpowder units of the game. Just the Ottomans may construct it. This Unit is stronger on offense and also heals when it death an enemy, unlike the Musketman which the replaces."

Civilopedia Strategy: "The Janissary is an Ottoman distinct unit, replacing the Musketman. The Janissary receive a far-ranging combat bonus as soon as on the attack. In addition, the Janissary unit automatically heals all damage when the destroys a non-Barbarian unit. This can give a Janissary military a crushing benefit against an foe force on the defensive."

Replaces: Musketman.

Requirements: Gunpowder, and also standard unit maintain (same together Musketman).

Obsoleted: Rifling technology, Upgrades to: Rifleman (same as Musketman).

Cost: 150 production | 300 belief | 540 yellow (same as Musketman).

Attack Type: Melee, Combat Class: Gunpowder, Combat Strength: 24 (same together Musketman).

Movement Speed: 2 (same as Musketman).

Effects: +25% combat bonus as soon as attacking, Heals 50 HP if it death a unit.

The Janissary is a very solid unique unit top top both the offensive and also the defensive. It gets a 25% an increase to its combat strength once attacking, which provides a strong incentive for making use of it offensively during the renaissance. This bonus doesn"t apply to cities though, therefore you"ll still desire Trebuchet or Cannon assistance to topple an adversary city.

Perhaps more importantly, the unit also automatically heals 50 fight points after it kills a unit. This deserve to be an extremely helpful at easily advancing on one enemy. If you are confident that you"ll death an opponent, climate you can press on v an attack, even with a severely damaged unit.



This ability to heal after killing a unit additionally makes the Janissary into wonderful defensive unit. A fortified Janissary deserve to be difficult to defeat without some supporting bombardment in order to soften that up. If it death the attacking unit, it will heal 50 HP. A Janissary fortified on a hill through a fort or citadel is a very solid sentinel, especially if placed at a bottleneck whereby bombardment and also flanking are challenging or impossible.

The Janissary can likewise be used as an "offensive defender" in much the same way as the Zulu Impi. If friend don"t have actually forts or citadels easily accessible to fortify your units in, you deserve to instead bait adversary units near to her Janissary units, yet keep that Janissary out of selection of instant attack. Then, on your turn, move forward and attack in order to use your 25% attack bonus.

The promotions of the Janissary are additionally retained ~ upgrade, which method that ottoman infantry the is upgraded indigenous a Janissary will likewise have a 25% strike bonus and the ability to heal when killing a unit.



Game Info: "Mounted Unit dedicated in defeating enemy an installed Units. May only be developed by the Ottomans. This Unit is faster and can see additional than the Lancer, which that replaces."

Civilopedia Strategy: "The Sipahi is the Ottoman distinct unit, instead of the Lancer. The Sipahi is much faster and can watch one hex farther than the Lancer, although it share the Lancer"s weaknesses on defense. The Sipahi can pillage opponent improvements at no additional cost."

Replaces: Lancer.

Requirements: Metallurgy, and standard unit maintenance (same together Lancer).

Obsoleted: an unified Arms technology, Upgrades to: Anti-Tank gun (same together Lancer).

Cost: 185 production | 370 faith | 666 gold (same together Lancer).

Attack Type: Melee, Combat Class: Mounted, Combat Strength: 25 (same as Lancer).

Movement Speed: 5 (+1 native Lancer).

Effects: can move ~ attacking, development I (+33% combat strength against placed units), (both exact same as Lancer) +1 visibility, No movement expense to pillage.

Penalties: No protective terrain bonus, 33% combat penalty when attacking urban (both exact same as Lancer).

The Sipahi is a Lancer replacement that gets extra visibility, faster movement, and which does not have to spend motion points to pillage a brick improvement. They are very an excellent recon and also support units. They deserve to be efficiently used to assistance your land invasions by scouting out the enemy terrain, relocating in, attacking foe units to soften them up, then moving out of variety of counter attacks. ~ they take it damage, you can additionally pillage an innovation or two as girlfriend retreat in stimulate to heal the unit, gain some gold, and also damage the enemy economy.


Since the fall (2013) patch for Brave brand-new World, the Landsknecht starts v the same ability to pillage v no movement expense (as well as the capability to get gold from attacking cities). If you adopted Commerce and bought Landsknechts, climate they"ll already have the pillage bonus, and the just things they"ll get when upgraded to Sipahi is the extra sight and also movement.

If you can keep the Sipahi far from her enemy"s prior line, climate you have the right to potentially pillage five improvements every turn! This have to be an ext than sufficient to endure the bombardment from opponent cities unless that enemy has severely out-teched you and also has access to pho or planes.

The extra movement and sight carry out not transfer when the Sipahi is upgraded to an Anti-Tank Gun, which method that the footrest AT total is still annoyingly slow and also useless. However the pillage promo is retained, so eventually you"ll have actually Helicopters that will be able to single-handedly pillage enemy economies back to the rock age.

Becoming magnificent - strategy because that Ottomans

The Ottomans have two distinctive units and also a military-focused national ability. Thus, the Ottomans space best-geared towards domination victories. However, their high marine flavor can additionally act as an catalyst to pursue diplomatic victories if you discover yourself can not to overwhelm adversaries with force. This navy focus likewise gives them advantages on archipelago maps, and also other map species that have actually a many navigable water.

The Ottomans don"t have any kind of economic bonuses that will administer them with benefits at the start of the game, therefore optimal play will be forced at high an obstacle levels or compete multiplayer. They have actually a seaside start bias, however the capacity to capture enemy marine units way that they don"t have to focus on building coastal cities in order come train a sizable navy. In fact, if girlfriend don"t start on the coast, friend only need to found one city top top the coast fairly early. Don"t go out of your way to found additional coastal cities (as you can do v England, Carthage, the Netherlands, Portugal, or various other naval-focused civs) if the map place doesn"t have worthwhile resources or other strategic value.


Converted barbaric galleys can multiply very quickly. Don"t be fear to disband if friend hit the unit cap.

Not marine Germany!

It can be tempting to approach the Ottomans together a naval identical to Germany: adopting Honor and also capturing barbaric naval units to amass a vast Trireme navy to crush friend enemies at an early stage in the game. If you have the right to pull this off, then walk for it. Much more power to you. Yet this isn"t necessarily the ideal approach.

Even v the maintain discount, a huge navy will certainly be excessively expensive beforehand in the game, and also capturing as well many barbaric ships will conveniently run you up versus the unit cap. Navies also lack utility early in the game. Triremes typically aren"t strong enough to attack cities and also easily gain stuck behind foreign borders due to being restrained come the coast, and also even Galleases room too slow to ever before be very useful in an attack war. And if the unit cap stays clear of you from building a soil army, you can quickly fall victim come spear and also archer invasion, and also all those Triremes and Galleys won"t help. Therefore your at an early stage prize pearls shouldn"t necessarily be kept with the intent of maintaining a large navy.

In rare instances (less rarely on Archipelago maps), a an extremely fortuitous map could enable the Ottomans come use an early Trireme sirloin to catch a neighboring seaside capital. If you gain a barbarian encampment on an island that deserve to only spawn galleys, climate you deserve to possibly farm yard that encampment to gain a lot of Galleys (that you deserve to optionally update to Triremes). If there is likewise a surrounding civilization whose resources is top top the coast, then you deserve to perhaps usage these Galleys and Triremes come surround and capture that various other capital. If done beforehand enough, the combat stamin of the city need to be low sufficient that the ships can actually achieve this without land support.

You should develop a single Trireme reasonably early and also start walking after barbarian ships. That will most likely multiply quickly. Adopting Honor because that your 2nd or 3rd social policy is worthwhile, because it will certainly both expose potential barbarian ship spawn locations and give girlfriend a combat bonus that will make capturing them much easier. Unequal Germany, the Ottomans" ability to record units is not minimal to barbarians. This way that friend will have plenty of opportunity to capture much more ships later on if you lose some now.

Sink and also capture together many barbarian ships together you have the right to for the cost-free culture. However instead of maintaining them all, only keep sufficient experienced Triremes to protect your cargo ships. Treat the remaining captured ships as disposable. Use them to assistance city-sieges, also if they most likely won"t survive. Or you can offer them come city states - specifically if the CS has readily available a search to offer them units. Or send them earlier to your are (if practical) and also disband them. You"ll gain a tiny sum of yellow for your troubles.

If you get some naval devices stuck behind foreign boundaries but don"t desire to disband them, you could declare battle in stimulate to move them back to her territory. In the meantime, you deserve to maybe usage them to pillage any fishing boats or plunder any type of naval trade paths that your rival may have left exposed, and also maybe also sink or catch some of your ships if you"re strong enough. Just be careful around getting your proficient ships too close come cities. Triremes are an extremely weak and also usually can"t stand up to more than one or two hits native a city. If there"s an archer or a catapult in the city, you could not even survive one round of bombardment. Being confined to the coastline also method that you could get trapped through the zone of regulate of adversary cities, which can make it impossible to happen without suffering a rotate or 2 of bombardment. In some cases, you deserve to maybe explain peace and have your ship automatically moved out of foe territory. If you"re lucky, this will transport your ship closer come your very own territory.


Making friends through a seaside city state close to your opponent will give you a safe place to retreat to and heal her ships if they space too far away to sail every the method back come your own borders. The Great Lighthouse wonder can also aid speedup movement in between your territory and the frontiers if you should retreat and heal her ships.

As lengthy as girlfriend didn"t capture any type of cities (which will be following to impossible to do with weak Triremes anyway), then you should have the ability to recover native the warmonger penalties of such early on wars. Simply be careful that girlfriend don"t go aggro versus multiple civs, due to the fact that they will begin chain-denouncing you and start a feedback loop of bottom relations. If girlfriend can find a girlfriend to sign up with you in the declaration(s) that war, then you can get some positive diplomatic relations that will assist to cement that civ together a profession partner and military allied to assistance your later on conquests.

When other civs (and especially city states) start creating Galleases, you should think about going to battle in order to record some to spare you yourself from having actually to build these expensive units yourself. Because Galleases are slow-moving and restricted to the coast, lock are basic to track, flank, and capture v multiple Triremes (and particularly if you have Caravels). Recording a couple of Galleases will median that you"ll have the ability to upgrade them to Frigates without having actually to invest the moment or manufacturing to train your own Galleas or Frigate. Recording Frigates is lot harder, due to the fact that they space powerful, fast, and can travel through the open up seas.

In fact, the Ottomans are in the favorable place of gift able to develop a huge navy without necessarily having to focus on developing naval innovations or seaside cities. Girlfriend can capture ships that you don"t have the technology to develop yourself. Girlfriend don"t need to feel pressured come beeline come Compass or navigating or electronics if there room other, more important techs the you need. Girlfriend can delay researching particular naval techs until you gain to a allude where you should upgrade your existing fleets. And if the adversary isn"t building enough ships for you to be able to capture any, then you probably don"t require a very large navy anyway.

Ottomans deserve to capture and use advanced naval units prior to researching the techs compelled to build them.

Renaissance war device on land and also sea

The Ottomans peak during the renaissance and early industrial eras. At this time, their national capacity and unique units incorporate to produce a an extremely potent war an equipment on both land and sea. Aggressive play during this duration is very recommended.

Rushing to Gunpowder as at an early stage as feasible will allow you to use the bonuses the the Janissary together early and as lengthy as possible. Due to the fact that you can record enemy marine units, you don"t must rush v naval techs choose Compass and also Navigation, i m sorry frees you up to focus on the route to Gunpowder. Don"t rush to Navigation. You have the right to wait and let the various other players and also city states develop your Galleases, Privateers, and also Frigates because that you.

It"s great to be aggressive through your Janissaries. If you setup on attempting a Domination Victory, then start using your Janissaries come crush adversary armies and move to record their cities. The combat bonus and ability to cure should enable you to continue with Trebuchets fairly than Cannons uneven your opponent has also out-teched you. Due to the fact that their promotions perform transfer once upgraded, girlfriend don"t need to use them ideal away if you don"t want. The Elite Forces tenet within the Autocracy ideology can be very helpful. It enables your injured Janissaries come be an ext likely to transaction enough damages to death an opposing unit, and also therefore heal ago up. Use your fleets to support amphibious invasions and to aid siege coastal cities.

Ottomans don"t should pull foe units far from your cities, due to the fact that Janissaries have the right to advance, kill foe units, and auto heal while moving to collection up a siege.

If you desire to pat a an ext peaceful victory strategy, then use your military of Janissaries come act together a world policeman. Fight against other "warmongers" and also liberate city states and also capitals in bespeak to gain diplomatic assistance with various other civs. If you aren"t strong enough to an obstacle a an effective conqueror directly, then perhaps think about instigating an invasion from them and then using your Janissaries to kill their invading forces and soften them up for counter attack. Just don"t record cities or capitals if you great to protect against "warmonger" dislike from other civs.


Building the Himeji Castle will carry out you v a defensive bonus in your lands that will augment the Janissaries" combat bonus when offered to defend your own land.

While you"re making use of your Janissaries to crush an foe army, you can send her Sipahi behind enemy lines come cripple your economy. The extra movement and also bonuses because that pillaging allows the Sipahi to pillage plenty of tiles every turn, and also should safeguard it indigenous bombardment from cities. This will damage the opponent"s economic situation and likewise boost yours. If the opponent doesn"t have units within its territory to counter your Sipahi, then a single Sipahi can conveniently pillage all of an enemy"s land.

In the meantime, usage your ever-growing navy to protect your an useful cargo ships and any missionaries or good people (prophets or merchants) the you send overseas. If you"ve to be lucky through Prize Ships, you might have sufficient units to store multiple escorts for every cargo ship and embarked civilian.

As you progress to the later eras, the healing and attack bonuses of your Janissaries will certainly be maintained in your riflemen, an excellent war infantry, infantry, and also mech infantry. You can use this units adhering to the same strategies that you provided earlier, except that artillery and air support will it is in much much more important in bespeak to defend your an useful units from opponent planes and also artillery. If you deserve to soften foe cities up with long-range strikes from battleships and also planes, then you deserve to march your Janissary-infantry through the enemy army like butter and also capture the city with small resistance.

Hopefully, you"ll have sufficient pre-built Janissaries, captured destroyers, and captured battleships that you can emphasis your production on building more fun armed forces tools favor carriers, planes, submarines, and nukes. If you"re still play peacefully or defensively, then this production can go in the direction of broadcast towers, hotels, laboratories, late-game wonders, archaeologists, and so on.

Roasting Turkey: beating Suleiman"s footrest Empire

I"ve rarely ever before had problems with the Ottomans together an A.I.. The absence of any type of non-military benefits method that Suleiman is mostly just a armed forces threat unless he gets lucky v some early on wonders. The greatest threat from the Ottomans at an early stage in the video game will be from your navy, especially on sea-based maps. But due to the fact that the A.I. Usually isn"t very an excellent at utilizing its navy, this is rarely a threat.

If you carry out expect conflict with the ottomans, climate it is finest to get them the end of the way early. Their capability is seldom a significant factor at an early stage in the game. In the renaissance, lock can come to be quite powerful as a armed forces machine. Your uniques can wreak havoc v both your army and your tile improvements. So try not come let them be a military threat through that allude in the game.

If friend can"t get rid of the Ottomans before the renaissance, then the Janissary is the greatest threat. Your best defense against it is to have decent ranged support and also to keep your ranged units safeguarded by a wall of melee. Retreat her damaged units out of damages way, or store medics top top the front lines come heal your defenders. If the Janissaries are able to choose of her ranged or damaged units, climate they will certainly heal and also become harder for your various other units come kill.

Also beware of throwing units versus an entrenched Janissary. You will certainly need ranged support or a lot of backup in order to kill a Janissary the is in a solid defensive position (such together a citadel ~ above a hill). If that kills any type of of her attacking units, then he will certainly heal, and you"ll need to throw even more units at him.

The Sipahi is not hard to resolve as long as you keep some Lancers or defensive units in your cities. Fostering some Muskets or Riflemen v the anti-mounted promotion will aid you to death Sipahi an ext easily. These devices will also heal a lot, due to the fact that they have the right to pillage for free. A weak Sipahi the is left alive might easily usage its 5 motion and complimentary pillage capacity to heal itself earlier to full strength (assuming that you have tiles left come pillage). Lug enough firepower to kill it in one round, or use zone of regulate to confine it come an area where it can"t pillage any an ext tiles.

Expect the Ottomans to have actually a sizable navy, and also don"t it is in surprised if they also have the benefit of The good Lighthouse and also / or the Exploration plan tree. Shot to store your fleet together. If you leave stragglers exposed, then the Ottomans can use their remarkable naval numbers to surround and also kill or catch your singled-out ships. By maintaining your fleet together, you may not have the ability to stop them from killing or capturing your ships, however you deserve to at least respond to attack and sink the caught ships prior to the Ottomans can use them.

Keep your wounded ships away from the footrest fleets whenever possible so that they don"t gain picked off and also captured. Friend might additionally want come focus more on ranged units. Also if your ranged ships space captured, the Ottomans won"t have the ability to use them come capture extr units.

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If you take place to to convince a human-controlled footrest player to gift you few of their prize Ships-equipped pearl in multiplayer, climate you can potentially revolve around and also use this versus them later on in the game. The promo is retained if the footrest unit is gifted, yet it is not preserved if the unit is caught (i.e. If one more player"s Privateer captures an ottoman Caravel, the recorded Caravel go not save Prize Ships).

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