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By bill McKeever

On June 16, 2010, a press conference was referred to as in the southwest edge of the cemetery to dedicate the controversial headstone. Though he did not show up personally, Nemelka sent out his legal counsel, Rodney J. Vessels, to describe the importance and controversy neighboring this event. Ship converted to Mormonism in his college years, offered an LDS mission, married in the temple, and also fulfilled number of church callings prior to coming to the conclusion in November of 2008 that Nemelka is the “bearer of the message of Christ to every the world.” as a an outcome of this decision, his wife of 32 year divorced him and he was excommunicated from the LDS Church. In his personal testimony, he says he now lives “singly and alone.”

In his all set statement, Vessels explained that “members that the Smith family members are not happy through the location of this headstone, and also they space not happy that sooner or later at this gravesite, among descendants the Hyrum Smith, the stays of my client, Christopher Marc Nemelka, will certainly be hidden here.” Vessels proclaimed that Nemelka’s name shows up alongside Hyrum’s surname on the headstone “because Christopher to be Hyrum Smith. This is a memorial thus to Hyrum and also to Christopher, together the same person.” Not long after the headstone to be dedicated, it to be vandalized by gift knocked over. It was eliminated for repairs however has because been replaced.

Following the dedication of the headstone, the little crowd moved from the Salt Lake Cemetery come the an initial Unitarian Church simply a couple of blocks away. Here, Nemelka do his appearance and proceeded to explain the significance of June 16 and also his personal visitation by Joseph blacksmith in the Salt Lake holy place in 1987. Nemelka announced to the crowd the he was going to end up a sermon that Joseph blacksmith failed to end up on June 16, 1844 – a blog post that he believes was divinely preempted through a rain storm since Smith was around to phone call what really happened in his an initial Vision. He insurance claims that chroniclers “don’t have actually a reservation of what happened back then. That all that is created is biased and also prejudiced based on what they desire the civilization to believe around Joseph Smith.”

In his speech, Nemelka described that the holy bible was developed by men, however that “The publication of Mormon was put up by progressed human beings to respond to the Bible.” He claimed that “God is nothing more than an progressed man” and that it was “an advanced human being” that showed up to Joseph Smith as soon as he was however a boy. Nemelka declared that that too, “met the progressed human beings that Joseph met.” the believes that “every human is a god” and also all world are “advanced people going through a mortal experience.” that says, “Our creators live in an additional galaxy way, much away,” but not in a “Star wars type.”

“His last sermon was merely that, that human beings are gods. Believer don’t want to see that. You recognize why christians don’t desire to think that, born-again Christians, and also others, and also other people? due to the fact that they look around and they see what people are like. How can these people be god, as soon as they’re so bad to each other, they’re therefore mean, they’re for this reason rude? How can they be also close come a god? The believer don’t want to expropriate the reality that they alone room responsible because that what castle do. For their actions in the direction of each other. For your thoughts, everything. They’re responsible. Castle don’t desire that responsibility so they create a god that will pardon them and everything. They produce a Christ that died on a cross for your sins. Therefore they don’t have to worry around anything. They have the right to go out and cheat a neighbor. . . That’s precisely how castle are.”

He believes the all humans will one day have a similar experience to what Joseph blacksmith had:

“What do you think is gonna happen when every one of us have the an initial vision, the very first visitation? cause that is what’s gonna take place someday. Every human being being is going to have actually the very same experience that Joseph had ago on April sixth of 1820. They’re gonna have the exact same thing. These advanced human beings are gonna show up and they’re gonna go, ‘Whoa!’ yet these advanced human beings room not walking to obtain into philosophical arguments with them. They’re no going to it is in talking about scriptures or something else, since that’s all developed by men.”

Instead, Nemelka says, these progressed human beings are going to teach us all “how to be humane through each other, just how to love every other, exactly how to take care of each other. Exactly how to incorporate an innovation for the benefit of all, equally.”

Nemelka cases to have actually special understanding into every recorded event in history via two rocks he claims to have in his possession referred to as the Urim and Thummim. He says,

“I recognize these progressed human beings. I’ve to be taught by castle I know what’s happening in that universe. I recognize why we’re here. I know what’s going on. I understand what’s happened. What’s occurred in this world. I’ve seen it through these 2 rocks, they’re referred to as the Urim and also Thummim. Much of the information. And anytime at any point in history that ns want, I obtain out those rocks and also it tunes right right into their advanced an innovation and they’ve tape-recorded every occasion that’s ever happened and I can see precisely what’s walking on.”

In contradiction come the brand-new Testament’s cases of Jesus agree worship, Nemelka claims that this “Christ guy” walk “not want us worshiping in ~ his feet.” “When you understand who he yes, really is, you’ll discover to love him, and also understand him. The doesn’t desire to be worshiped. He’s a servant. He always has been, He constantly will be.”

Nemelka insists that he is but a wake up servant:

“Now, Joseph wanted to call you males those things. He wanted to phone call the civilization on June 16th. That couldn’t, but he is now. Since it is under his direction that ns am here today. Execute you think I favor doing this? No. However I do recognize this. Ns do know that this world needs the true history of what happened back then. Castle don’t need the fallacies and the man that the histories of the human being are offering to people. They need to understand the truth.”

Nemelka cases that in an advanced human world, flexibility to perform what you want is the norm:

“I’ve to be there, folks. I’ve seen it, v these imperfect eyes. I’ve seen an advanced culture of human beings where there’s no referee at all. No measurement. Needless to say i was the oldest person in that culture at the time. True. I’m practically 50 and they prosper to 30 for men, at an early stage 20’s for women, and they stop growing, and also they don’t age. Yet in that culture you would never feel any judgment at all. It doesn’t matter if you wanted to be the craziest person in the world. They would certainly say, ‘Go because that it. We assistance you in that.’ That’s the beauty, that’s the beauty, beauty of an progressed human world. An progressed human human being that at some point will be introduced to this world, but we have a lot to walk through before that. Joseph’s mission to be to perform one thing, and also one point only, to counterbalance the biblical world that changed our human being into one of arrogance, pride, hate, bigotry, and also inequality.”

Nemelka cases that there are just two crucial things in this world and they space that “you love yourself, the you learn who you are,” and that you treat your next-door neighbors “as the god they are.” he asks,

“Why is it that we can’t get along? Why is it the one human thinks they’re right, and also the other person thinks they’re right? Is it the they’re both wrong? Yes, quite much. Why can’t we just accept the reality that the universe revolves approximately each among us, because that’s what Christ taught. It was convoluted as soon as it came out in their small Catholic new Testament this way, ‘The Kingdom that God is in ~ you.’ Christ teach the people that the cosmos revolves roughly you — each among us. We space the god of that universe, and also that there need to be no other god before us. We should listen to no other man, no various other woman, no one else however our own hearts and also our very own minds. Through this one caveat, carry out unto others, love others as you love yourself. Act them together the god the they are. That’s what Joseph to be trying come say, treat each other like the god that you are.”

Of course, one might ask, if we are to listen to “no various other man, no various other woman,” why have to anyone listen to him? Yet numerous do. Members of the Mormon Church that are familiar with Nemelka have tendency to look at upon him through disdain. In fact, during his June 16 message, numerous LDS members walked the end mumbling under their breath together he spoke. Together an outsider, ns couldn’t assist but wonder what criteria they used to judge Nemelka therefore harshly. After all, he, prefer Joseph Smith, claimed to have an individual visitations from heavenly beings. He, favor Smith, declared God gave him a book(s) to write.

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And he, like Smith, do outlandish cases without any kind of supporting tangible evidence. Nemelka is in numerous ways just a 21st century version of Mormonism’s establishing prophet.