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1. Overture (2:53)2. Act I: Intro (1:34)3. Action I: King that The Franks (7:14)4. Act II: Intro (1:46)5. Action II: The iron Crown that Lombardy (8:12)6. Act III: Intro (3:26)7. Action III: The Bloody verdict Of Verden (6:16)8. Action IV: Intro (2:31)9. Act IV: The period Of Oneness the end Of Diversity (6:07)10. Action V: Intro (2:09)11. Plot V: Starlight (4:40)12. Finale (3:57)13. Iberia (5:10)14. The Bloody decision Of Verden (Instrumental) (6:20)Total Time 62:21


- Christopher Lee / vocals (Charlemagne"s Ghost)- Vincent Ricciardi / vocals (Young Charlemagne)- Christina Lee / vocals (Narrator)- Phil SP / vocals (Pippin the Short)- Mauro Conti / vocals (Pope Hadrian)- Lydia Salnikova / vocals (Hildegard)- Christi Ebenhoch / vocals (storyteller singer)- Marco Sabiu / composer- man Wistow / composer, lyrics- Marie-Claire Calvet / lyrics

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Released through Charlemagne Productions Ltd.

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Charlemagne: through the Sword and also the overcome is a Symphonic steel release by legend knighted gibbs Christopher Lee, one epic ide piece around the life the Lee’s ancestor, The first Holy roman Emperor, Charlemagne. The ide of an 87 year old guy suddenly bringing the end a metal album is tied to lure attention from countless sources, but ultimately will he or i will not ~ he it is in criticised for acquisition on a genre such together metal? Well ns for one think he should be praised because that this work, even if he didn’t create the music or the lyrics, since the guy has an epic voice (just watch his power in The lord of the Rings), and also he have to be praised because that his vocals no issue what you can feel around the compositions.So let’s talk about those, well very first as much as very first impressions that the album go, you could contact it SYMPHONIC metal. So yeah, it’s heavily symphonic, and the metal facets don’t always come across as the overly heavy, though they room present and this is definitely an album with steel in it. Is it enough to actually class it as metal? personally I’d speak yes, as soon as the metal comes the is metal, however what bothers me through that case is that after monitor 1, Overture, girlfriend don’t really hear a trace of steel again to track 5, plot II: The stole Crown the Lombardy. This is rather a large time gap for a steel album not to have actually metal sounds, however one thing that have to be taken into consideration is the each that the countless songs, or Acts as they speak to them have actually an intro track, properly doubling the number of tracks, therefore there’s actually only one appropriate song in over there (Act I: King of The Franks), and to be ethical it’s not uncommon for created symphonic metal bands to have actually a totally symphonic track on your albums, I have the right to name numerous by Nightwish or within Temptation, and also Epica also did a whole album choose that. The other main tracks (or Acts, everything you want to contact them), all have metal in them, though there are numerous sections in the songs that don’t. Take it Act III: The Bloody decision Of Verden for example. Intro and verses have actually no metal, but the chorus and also outro does therefore it’s about 50/50. Otherwise this is finest considered as film score music, and also pretty good film score music in ~ that.Enough on even if it is the album is metal or not. To me, it’s steel enough, but since I increasingly discover myself not caring if what ns listen to shows up on Encyclopaedia Metallum (note – this album doesn’t), possibly I am not the ideal of judges. Stop talk about if the album is any great or not.Short answer: yes.Long answer: Charlemagne is actually a really epic piece of music. The monitor effortlessly run into each other and also Lee is perfect in the command role. The album could actually be chosen to what artists such together Ayreon and also Avantasia do; that is a ide album through a vocal cast, a metal opera if you will. Lee of food takes the lead role as Charlemagne"s ghost, which many other singers acquisition others roles, had a younger variation of the title character. I don’t know any of the names and also perhaps this is where the album falls short, that metal however made by world who don’t show up to be connected with steel aside native Lee himself (who has worked with the likes of Manowar and also Rhapsody the Fire). The composer, Marco Sabiu, because that one, is attributed for being known for working with the likes of take That and Kylie Minogue. So, probably not the best of references once trying to market an album aimed at metal fans. For what’s it’s precious he go a great enough job, since I perform really choose this album, but I wouldn’t be act my project as a reviewer if i didn’t allude out native a steel perspective that if this had been composed by a steel composer, the result would have actually been lot different. However as that stands the album is pretty solid, no a masterpiece for sure but in its entirety it"s quite impressive.My an individual favourite track from Charlemagne is action III: The Bloody verdict Of Verden. That “I melted the blood the Saxon men” heat is fairly memorable I have to admit. Plot IV: The age Of Oneness out Of Diversity is a quite strong second place. The just thing that is yes, really irksome around this album is that it has so many intro tracks. There room five also if girlfriend discount the actual track 1, Overture. Each features narration come tell the story. This suits because that this sort of album, yet really i feel they would have far better fitted as part of the main tracks, especially due to the fact that they nothing seem to have actually a probably having actually the narration is these as well.Overall though I"ve discovered Charlemagne: through the Sword and also the overcome to be rather a pretty surprise. Ns would have actually liked probably a bit much more balance between the symphonic metal and film score impacts though.(Originally composed for heavy Metal Haven, scoring 7.5/10)

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