By Jacki WoodThe last protect against on the 2016 Christmas tourism takes us down come Kansas City whereby you can include a tiny holiday fun to her last-minute Christmas shopping.

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Plaza Lights


After a day of shopping and also eating at the nation Club Plaza, make certain you stick roughly to gain the miles and miles of vacation lights.

A heritage now for almost 90 years, the Plaza lights synopsis every shop, dome and tower and also feature thousands of glimmering, jewel-colored bulbs.

Courtyard Caroling attributes local musical groups throughout the work from 10 am to 8:45 pm. You can also take a helicopter tour of the Plaza Lights with River’s sheet Aviation.

A couple of blocks up the road, several downtown buildings additionally light up the skies with the MarriottKansas City Downtown showcasing a synchronized display of 30,000 bulbs.

For much more information, speak to 816.753.0100 or visit

Bingham-Waggoner estate Christmas


“Spirit the Christmas – Past, Present and also Future” is the template this year because that Christmas in ~ the Bingham-Waggoner Estate i beg your pardon is open up through December 30.

The tour starts at the Carriage house Boutique wherein you can find plenty of unique Christmas gift ideas. Adhering to the tour, gain music, cookies and also hot spiced tea or coffee in the 3rd floor Tea Room.

Tours operation from 10 to be to 4 pm, Monday through Saturday, and also 1 come 4 pm on Sunday.Admission is $6 because that adults and also $3 for youth periods 6-16.

Bingham-Waggoner estate is located at 313 West Pacific avenue in Independence.

For more information, contact 816.461.3491 or visit

Crown Center


Plenty of vacation magic, music and also fun deserve to be uncovered at Crown center including the Mayor’s Christmas tree in the Crown center Square.

Santa’s Gingerbread station is open throughout shopping hrs through December 31 in the Level 1 Showplace. The complimentary event offers kids and also families the chance to discover the interactive exhibit, accomplish Santa and also have their picture taken through him, take it a drive on the Crown center Express Train Engine and enjoy Gingerbread Village.

Holiday Music at Crown center can be heard in the atrium indigenous 1 to 4 and also 6 come 9 pm on Saturday, December 24.

The ice cream Terrace, an indoor public ice skating rink, is open up through in march 12. Hrs are 10 am to 9 pm, Sunday through Thursday, and also 10 to be to 11 pm, Friday and also Saturday. Join is $6 and free for adult over 60 and also children four and under. Ice scating rental is $3.

Crown facility is located at 2450 cool Boulevard.

For an ext information, contact 816.274.8444 or visit

Christmas in the Park


A festive drive-through lamp display, Christmas in the Park returns to Longview Lake Park in Lee’s Summit.

The park is transformed right into a winter wonderland with more than 300,000 lights and 175 man figures.

It is open up from 5:30 to 11 pm daily through December 31.

The occasion is free, however donations are welcomed to benefit local charities.

Begin the journey at the candid White Jr., softball Complex, 3901 SW Longview Road, Lee’s Summit.

For more information, contact 816.503.4800 or visit

Union Station


They’ve decked the halls in ~ Union Station’s cool Hall with trees, tinsel, lights and also more.

“Let that Snow,” a music celebration with standards from frank Sinatra and Chuck Berry come Burl Ives and Brenda Lee, also features a multi-media finale by the infectious diseases world fashion Siberian Orchestra and includes subject animation, laser imagery and also special impacts in the Planetarium’s Dome Theatre.

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The show runs through January 8 except for Christmas day. Admission is $3 and complimentary for kids two and under and members.