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Born:470 BCE?China...(Show more)Died:391 BCE?China...(Show more)Subjects that Study:Mohism...(Show more)

Mozi, Wade-Giles romanization Mo-tzu, also assignment Motze, Motse, or Micius, original name Mo Di, (born 470?, China—died 391? bce, China), Chinese thinker whose fundamental doctrine of regardless of love (jianai) challenged Confucianism for several centuries and became the communication of a socioreligious movement recognized as Mohism.


Born a few years ~ Confucius’s death, Mozi was elevated in a period when the feudal power structure instituted at the beginning of the Zhou empire (12th or 11th century bce come 256 bce) was swiftly disintegrating and also China was split into small, continually warring feudal states. He thus faced the difficulty that challenged all thinkers in 5th-century-bce China: how to bring political and social order out of chaos.

According come tradition, Mozi was originally a follower of the teachings of Confucius, until he came to be convinced the Confucianism laid as well much focus on a burdensome password of rituals and also too small on spiritual teaching, at which time Mozi determined to go his own way. Confucius, from every accounts, was aristocratic by temperament and orientation and dreamed the a return of the calm and peaceful job of pomp and also splendour at the start of the Zhou dynasty. Mozi, top top the various other hand, was attracted to the common people and also looked lot farther earlier to a life the primitive simplicity and straightforwardness in human being relations.

Mozi’s life, however, resembled that of Confucius in numerous important respects. The was widely read and also well versed in the tradition of the Chinese Classics. Other than for a brief period when he held public office, Mozi spent many of his life travel from one feudal state to an additional in the expect of conference a prince who would allow him to placed his teachings into practice. In the absence of such a prince, he had actually to be content with keeping a school and recommending his hands-on worker for governmental positions. The commanded respect partly because he live a very an easy life and also was a teacher that took his very own teachings seriously. That not only condemned offensive war but additionally led his pendant to far-off states to prevent the outbreak of battles by reinforcing the defending state.

The Mozi, the principal job-related left by Mozi and his followers, contains the significance of his political, ethical, and spiritual teachings. The gist of the is uncovered in the three sets of chapters of its 2nd section, i beg your pardon give an overview of the 10 significant tenets: “exaltation of the virtuous,” “identification v the superior,” “undifferentiated love,” “condemnation of offensive war,” “economy the expenditures,” “simplicity in funerals,” “will the heaven,” “on ghosts,” “denunciation the music as a garbage activity,” and “antifatalism.” since Mohism separation into three colleges after Mozi’s death, the three sets the chapters might well stand for the three sets the texts kept by the three schools. The various other sections the the Mozi can be provided as follows: (1) summaries and abstracts that Mozi’s teachings, (2) discussions top top logic and also physical sciences, (3) documents of Mozi’s doings and also sayings, and also (4) a manual of armed forces defense.


As a thinker, Mozi was distinctive in his insistence top top methodology. That insisted that standards of judgment be established, and his criteria may be summarized as the threefold test and the fourfold standard. The threefold check reminded thinkers the the basis, verifiability, and applicability of any proposition must be analyzed; the fourfold traditional reminded thinkers that one should always assess the benefits any type of proposition could lug to the country and also the people. Services were identified as enrichment that the poor, increase of the population, removal of danger, and regulation the disorder. To Mozi the tests and also standards were indispensable. Generalizing further, Mozi claimed that, prior to anything could be said to be good, it was necessary an initial to show what the was an excellent for.

The cornerstone that Mozi’s system was regardless of love. If the civilization is in chaos, he said, the is owing to human selfishness and partiality, and also the prescribed cure—in striking parallel with Christianity—is the “partiality have to be replaced by universality,” for, “when everyone regards the states and cities of others as he regards his own, no one will assault the others’ state or take the others’ cities.” The exact same principle was to be applied to the welfare that the family and also of the individual. The tranquility of the world and also the pleasure of humanity lie in the exercise of undifferentiated love. Numerous objections—its impracticability, its neglect of the special insurance claims of one’s parents—were raised against this brand-new doctrine, however Mozi demonstrated the the rule of undifferentiated love had in it both utilitarian justification and also divine sanction. He spoke of “undifferentiated love and also mutual profit” in one breath, and he was convinced that this principle to be both the way of man and also the means of heaven (tian).

Mozi’s was standing on religious beliefs makes him exceptional amongst Chinese philosophers. His contact to the human being was for them to return to the belief of their fathers. He might be claimed to it is in a revivalist, a champion of spiritual orthodoxy v a personal god. To Mozi, there is heaven, heaven has actually a will, and this will certainly of heaven is to be obeyed by person beings and also accepted as the unifying traditional of person thought and also action: “What is the will certainly of heaven the is to it is in obeyed? the is come love every the human being in the human being without distinction.” heaven not just “desires righteousness and abominates unrighteousness” but likewise metes the end reward and punishment accordingly. The device of Mozi, v its gospel of regardless of whether love and also the ascetic self-control as exemplified by his own life, soon after the master’s death, to be embodied in an organized church v a sequence of Elder Masters and a considerable body that devotees. The religion thrived for number of generations before fully disappearing.

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The teachings that Mozi, however, ongoing to be organized in high respect for numerous centuries. Down to the start of the 2nd century bce, writers described Confucianism and also Mohism in one breath as the 2 leading institutions of thought. But from the time, Mohism all of sudden disappeared from the intellectual scene. Movie critics have normally agreed in admiring the high-minded personality of Mozi himself however considered his teachings overdemanding and contrary to person nature. It to be not until the encounter through Western learning in the 19th century that Mozi was rediscovered and also his teachings reappraised.