Ahh it’s Monday. I never feel ready to confront the week. However there is nothing like 12 beautiful polishes to perk up your day! The China Glaze Rebel collection looks right into the never finishing trend of the 1990’s. The time of Nirvana, heroin chic, supermodels, society kids, freckles Girls and also Clueless. Those to be some great times!

I’m going to spoil the surprise for you.. Yet China Glaze knocked the round well out of the park v this collection and also I have lot’s that swatches to present you today. Let’s take it a look…


China Glaze Heroine ChicHeroine Chic is described by China Glaze together ‘Mysterious. Rebellious. Darkly Seductive. One coat of sultry chocolate olive will certainly leave friend addicted.’ It likewise has these awesome small pink/red microglitters that offer it a pink shimmer in certain lights. A very complicated beautiful shade! mine swatches present 2 coats plus glossy height coat.

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China Glaze Ya’ll Red-y for This?Ya’ll Red-y for This? is explained by China Glaze as ‘Hot-tempered orange-red shimmer might contain clear content.’ ns can’t say this one excited me much, however I’m no a substantial red shimmer fan. If you room you will likely love it. Formula was nice and also smooth, just 2 coats through glossy peak coat.

China Glaze Dope TaupeDope Taupe is defined by China Glaze as ‘Cool dude almond taupe always keeps it fresh to def.’ self professed neutral lover here, and also this is most absolutely a neutral come love. A beautiful shade v a formula come match, will opacity in a single coat. My swatches display 2 coats v glossy peak coat.

China Glaze Blue-ya!Blue-ya! is described by China Glaze together ‘Witty. Shimmery. Charming. This sapphire blue is da bomb!’ and also I have to say i agree 100%! A deep blue jelly with blue microflakes and a subtle environment-friendly shimmer. That did stain my cuticles a small so be certain to undertake a good base coat. A personal favorite because that sure! 2 coats v glossy optimal coat.

China Glaze violet FictionPurple Fiction is explained by China Glaze together ‘Queen the street format metallic plum reigns on!’ A yes, really pretty purple shimmer. No much an ext I have the right to say around this, but if you love violet you require it. 2 coats add to glossy height coat.

China Glaze fresh Prince-ssFresh Prince-ss is explained by China Glaze together ‘All hail the cool kid on the block. This pale pink knows how to keep it chic in the gritty streets.’ it s okay it’s a pale pink. You’ve seen them before. What you can’t view though is the really nice formula. These shades are practically always problematic. Fresh Prince-ss starts the end a little streaky ~ above the very first coat but the 2nd coat smooths and evens out perfectly. That’s a yes, really nice formula friend ask? Yes, because that these soft pinks that most certainly is. Topped v glossy height coat.

China Glaze teenager SpiritTeen heart is explained by China Glaze together ‘Voted Most famous Polish. This gorgeous shimmery grape is most definitely too cool because that high school.’ This is basically the violet sister to Blue-ya! however the microflakes don’t was standing out quite as well. Still a very pretty distinct shade. 2 coats with glossy height coat.

China Glaze Jagged tiny TealJagged tiny Teal is explained by China Glaze as ‘Isn’t that ironic? Vamp deep teal might be a small rough approximately the edges, yet it sure is basic on the eyes.’ This is such an awesome color. Teal is one of those shades that has actually so much variation. Ns haven’t gone digging through my teal drawers to compare however I feel like this is unique to my collection. And also it has actually a really shiney natural end up as well!

China Glaze Combat Blue-tsCombat Blue-ts is defined by China Glaze as ‘Bad to the bone. We recommend you not to action to this hard as nine customs nails matte blue.’ Or defined by me as Stunning. Gorgeous. Intense. Matte-licious. It was a full surprise also as I try to swatch everything prior to looking at other swatches or reading any type of descriptions. I will certainly say because this is a herbal matte you will want to work reasonably quickly. It dries quick so if you go earlier over the nail much more than a couple swipes the the brush you can start gaining some dragging. That’s pretty typical for mattes. It’s every worth it though. It’s so really worth it! 2 coats no peak coat, shown listed below with height coat. A definite favorite!

Matte end up & Glossy Finish
Matte complete & Glossy Finish

China Glaze Don’t Mesh v MeDon’t Mesh through Me is defined by China Glaze together ‘Talk come the hand. Don’t let the prettiness stupid you, lavender shimmer gives major attitude.’ ns layered this over one coat end Combat Blue-ts. This would certainly look impressive over so countless shades from this collection though. Don’t Mesh through Me adds good versatility to an already an excellent collection.

China Glaze Pearl Jammin’Pearl Jammin’ is defined by China Glaze together ‘Sit back, relax and enjoy the irradiate show. Rockstar chic gray opal nails it every time!’ So lot shimmer! Wether it’s grey or a an extremely soft pale blue, the strong gold/yellow shimmer provides this a completely unique polish. I have nothing else like it. Another personal favorite. This is 2 coats v glossy optimal coat.

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China Glaze Holo in ~ Ya Girl!Holo at Ya Girl is defined by China Glaze as ‘Hitting the roads with your clique? Life that the block party green-gold holographic glitter is best up your alley.’ for this reason while this really works best as a splendors topper I believe it might be opaque in 3-ish coats. Right here I have layered it end Pearl Jammin’. Again this can make a great addition to many of the shades in this collection.

My Thoughts: i absolutely love what China Glaze has actually done with this collection. It has actually a big variety that shades and finishes, as well as the 2 toppers to include even an ext variety. Through so many indies in the nail polish sector now consumers space demanding an ext of polish. Simply straight cremes don’t cut it anymore. Mainstreams have a unique challenge in the they really should appeal come the hard core polishing enthusiasts, as well as the much larger demographic the the ocassional polisher. Some of the brands are facing this an obstacle head on, while rather aren’t. China Glaze most certainly is, and they display it v virtually every arsenal they release. This is one of those must have collections!