Bino opens up the tune with audio indigenous a conversation amongst the R O Y A together T Y fam and a stripper. The song then proceeds to open up with Gambino covering few of Usher’s classic… check out More 

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Gambino: Yeah, where'd you males go?Girls: to where, In Atlanta?Strip club Queen: once I used to live here, i was the piece club queenFam: Wait, wait, therefore what's up through Follies? like lemme knowStrip club Queen: Follies is my favorite piece club ever, in AtlantaGambino: Follies is the realestStrip society Queen: i swear come god-Follies is the realest, more-so due to the fact that they have actually international bitches in there, you got bitches indigenous Cambodia, you obtained bitches from fucking Italy, you obtained bitches from fucking Africa, you obtained bitches from...Kansas, you acquired bitches from anywhere in FolliesSituations will arise, in ours livesBut girlfriend gotta be smart around itCelebrations, with the guysI sacrificed, 'cause you might not sleep without itGirl I, 'cause ns loved youYou to be my girlSee I, thought the people of youBut so you knowYou don't have actually to contact baby no'Cause I'mma be alright tonightYou don't have to call baby noI'mma it is in alright tonight

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I meanI waited, and waited, and waitedFor that phone callAnd then I served you what she was questioning forNah, girlfriend ain't gotta make that speak to nowStone Mountain, yeah, you began running that thing after us(Don't you ever go away)We are very rare(Please don't leave me girl)10% of a foster home trying come Cinderella this shitThis melanin pit they inserted us in and said obtain out(I constantly knew baby)No blueprint, hell's cruise ship(You don't need to call, just text me)Took him and also her, that made him and herWho made him and also her that made herWho ran far from the south at 14 pregnantWho made her who came back to the southAtlanta, Georgia who made meFunny hairline, white nameBlonde dreads, African surname , both of our parentsOriginal black hippies, therefore what?(Deep inside, I'm deep inside her heart)(Please don't call me girl)Little 5 points to Avondale to stone CrestYou out in Lithonia thoughBut crap that, I'm a high course niggaI record you the end at LenoxNah fuck that, I'm in search of hoes in ~ Atlantic StationNah crap that, I'm at southern DeKalb MallReally in the parking lot, leaning top top some damaged niggas CamryThe pic you sent out last night says you really with the shits(You wanna go, you recognize where ns am)My animal leather passenger seat exhalesWasn't all set for every that'Cause it's no meI median who is right?(I simply wanna die, i just wanna die, within of her love)I'mma take you to Tongue & GrooveThere's $20 come wear my hat insideI provide em $100 and tell em to pay forward because that the niggas behind meThey playing Jeezy like that shit came out yesterdayThug motivation, ns was never ever a thug and also they used to respect me for itBut now the game's fucked up and also I gotta Michael Corleone these niggasQuiet, confident, i talked to herShe came v you, but she left v meAnd now she's in the passenger seatSo, whereby we going?Just far (Away, away, away, away)Which leaves you standing there thinkingYou don't need to call, baby