Looking because that a solid, down to earth, well written, easily taken book around incubating, hatching and also brooding chicks?

I did not get a free copy that this book and I was no asked to testimonial it. It"s here because I see it as one of the most useful resources for anyone managing hatching and also brooding.

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You"ve just discovered it!

Gail Damerow is a rare person. She"s a very experienced poultry-keeper, a great communicator of facility issues in an quickly understandable way, and wonderful writer.

I insurance - this publication will end up being one the your most prized info sources for incubating and hatching. 

It"s certainly mine - and I have actually them all!

Will you benefit from this incubating book?

You"ll love and benefit native this publication if:

You"re thinking you can incubate at some suggest in the future and also want simple to know instructions.You"re brand-new to incubating and hatching and also want good, solid, down-to-earth advice.You"ve incubated and also hatched as soon as or twice before and would favor to know what you might improve on.You"re competent in hatching your very own chicks however would prefer to boost your depth of knowledge.You know someone who wants to incubate your own, and you require a unique (and inexpensive!) gift.

In various other words - this is a book for everyone interested or energetic in incubating, hatching and also brooding chicken in particular, return it additionally touches top top guinea fowl, ducks, turkeys and also geese.

Can you tell mine copy is well-used?! Click come buy from Amazon.
Even the earlier cover the mine is a little on the dog-eared side!

What"s best about this incubating book?

One of the sections i like finest is dubbed "Screwpot Notions" where she looks at some commonly held beliefs and asks whether there is any kind of merit in them. 

Some - whether "an egg"s shape determines the gender of the bird that will certainly hatch from it" for example - she treats with humour.

But where it would potentially damage chicks or eggs, for instance "you don"t must turn the eggs throughout the incubation period", she gives solid proof to prove (or disprove) the point.

Any downsides?

The only slightly negative reviews (3 stars the end of 5 on Amazon) for this book talk around it gift "boring" and also not pertained to incubation.

As because that the publication being "boring" - even if it is you"re a hardened hatch-a-holic or just starting out ns think you"ll uncover it fascinating. 

What I would certainly say is it"s a publication to it is in dipped in and out of. I wouldn"t sit down and read it all at one go (although evaluate by the reviews, some people plainly have) however in an odd spare minute with a cup that coffee - or end an incubating table - it"s a good read.

This is a book I love come dip into and also out of when I have actually an odd few spare moments.

And that course, I describe it every the time as soon as I"m incubating. Like me, you will learn something new every time you open it.

The 2nd comment (that it"s not regarded incubation) ns really don"t understand. 

Yes, the publication deals with the plan necessary prior to incubation - selecting the best chicken breed, picking an incubator, setting up an incubator and so on.

Because lock are crucial steps in the incubation and also hatching process. The wouldn"t make feeling to leaving them out.

What do various other reviews say?

Of all the evaluate on Amazon, nobody scores lower than 3 stars (of a maximum of five) and three quarters score four or five. 

People typically refer come this publication as "my oracle" and "my bible". The bulk of readers recommend the for anyone from the skilled breeder come the beginner. I assistance that recommendation.

This is a renowned book, loved by beginners and experts alike.

How many golden Eggs carry out I provide it?

If you"ve looked at any kind of of my various other reviews you"ll know that i award "Golden Eggs" for products, from one because that a "Hmmm ns wouldn"t introduce this" come five - "Must-have - don"t miss out on out ~ above this wonderful product".

So - just how many gold Eggs go "Hatching and Brooding Your very own Chicks" get?  Yes, it"s...

A Fabulous Five golden Eggs!


This is based upon both my own experience with the book and also on evaluate of rather on book-selling sites.

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There"s really nothing i don"t like about it. 

If you were just going come buy one book about hatching and also brooding I would categorically speak - purchase this one.