Introduction: With the current influx of more and also more Monsters being presented to the game, I have actually checked out many kind of players asking for advice on stat construct in order to come to be a Monster Hunter. Tright here is a pure Quester guide and 2 PvP guides, however no guide for Monster Hunters.

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This overview is created to be beneficial for all players, however through methods designed in the direction of Monster Hunting as a specialty. Some techniques will be different than PvP tactics. This is intentional as this guide is NOT geared towards PvP. Some aspects of PvP will and have to be debated as it would be exceptionally negligent to overlook 1/3 of the game (all PvP connected worries will be directed in the direction of Invasion given that a Dueler only requirements 1 of the ideal gear and the remainder is unvital. As such a Monster Hunter build renders a more cautious and less complicated transition into an Invader in PvP). Monster Hunting for many is a method to have fun with the game, remaining out of the PvP arena until completely equipping an Army. Some Monster Hunters have absolutely no interemainder in PvP and are Monster Hunters for the sheer joy of it. Whichever type of Monster Hunter you are, this guide is for you (note, all discussions assume an Military of at leastern 501).

A few definitions of builds: PvPer – Someone whose primary emphasis is in Battling various other players. They fall in 2 standard categories, Duelers and also Invaders. These may fight monsters, however their major interests lie in PvP. For more details on these builds, watch Sophia’s Dueler guide and her Invader guide Monster Hunter – Someone whose primary emphasis is in battling Monsters. These also autumn into 2 fundamental categories, those who are preparing their Armies for PvP and those that have actually no interest in PvP and simply like killing Monsters (the distinction between this player and also a Power Leveler is that this player will actually allocate to Att/Def and can take part in PvP if they wish, yet they select not to). Hybrid – Someone that is in in between a conventional PvP develop and also Monster Hunter develop. These players tend to be “Jack of all Trade” style players that have the right to execute it all, but they are even more effective as PvPers than as Monster Hunters because they spcheck out their Stm in between PvP and Monsters meaning less possibility for Loot. Power Leveler – Someone that is only interested in obtaining to the highest levels. They Quest and fight Monsters specifically as a method of acquiring levels. They have actually no interemainder in PvP and will certainly never allocate any type of stats to Att/Def.

The High Energy/Stm argument Tright here has actually been a lot debate over whether it is better to have high Energy/Stm or lower Energy/Stm. This debate is not to say one is better than the other. However before, I will be taking the position that high Energy/Stm is much better for Monster Hunting. This does not expect someone with reduced Energy/Stm can’t be reliable vs a Monster, only that they would certainly be more efficient if they had actually alsituated stats in the direction of Energy/Stm instead.

Lower Energy/Stm (conventional 120/100) This develop is a sluggish leveling develop designed to be incredibly successful at PvP while still being able to Quest and fight Monsters. It is a build that not only enables for PvP at exceptionally early on levels, it likewise enables for the continued maintenance of Battle Rank throughout all levels of the player. The benefits of this construct lie in it’s slow-moving leveling which enables for even more Demi-Prayers per level and also the capability to allocate even more stats to Att/Def than anyone other than another dedicated PvPer in it’s very own level bracket. It’s deficiencies lie in it’s innate sluggish leveling and low Energy. While leveling progressively have the right to be a benefit to PvPers pre-Gauntlet, as soon as this construct hits level 300, levels themselves become meaningless and the highly effective PvPer deserve to uncover themselves more of a targain than formerly, however they must still have the ability to fend of a good percent of the attackers. It’s low Energy additionally indicates it cannot adequately Fortify AND Quest at the very same time, yet requirements to either count on others to Fortify for it, or sacrifice Quest completion. This develop depends on it’s stats to win battles for it (and it is crucial to note that stats are more important than Items).

High Energy/Stm (300/300 and up) These builds (there are a selection of fundamental builds outlined in detail which reflect an people individual play style) are designed to level incredibly quickly in order to gather SP at a high rate through leveling and Questing and enable for a huge variety of SP to be acquired much previously in a character’s advance (relative to time invested in the game rather than level) once compared to a low Energy/Stm build. This greater Energy/Stm will additionally bring about the capability to spread itself over more Monsters causing more Loot and more FP. Depfinishing on just how high Enery/Stm a player chooses to go to, this deserve to potentially lead to a steady stream of FP in excess of 10FP per day. These FP will come to be essential in the build’s continued leveling speed and also performance at higher levels which will enable for late game capacity to alsituate stats into Att/Def for PvP. This build have the right to be mildly successful at PvP, specifically at early on levels as soon as adversaries haven’t had the possibility to allocate to Att/Def as broadly as they will certainly at later on stages in their advance and also additionally once it reaches the Gauntlet and also starts to alsituate to Att/Def solely. It’s benefits incorporate even more Loot and FP and also obtaining SP at a quicker rate.

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What type of Monster Hunter carry out I want to be? There are a wide variety of methods you have the right to pick to allocate your stats to become a disastrous Monster Hunter. The complying with are some basic builds I have come up via to display some of the pros and also cons of each develop as they relate to each other. These are expected to showinstance the upper and also reduced borders to a Monster Hunter build and are in no method meant to be taken as absolute. Players individual preference will eventually determine the exact stat amount favored. Some will look very familiar however might have names various than you are used to. I tried to use differing names from present PvP names (glass cannon, glass mage and also so on). This is to protect against confusion and to also hammer in the reality that these are builds designed for Monster Hunting and not for PvP. Namong the stats reflect Demi blessings. When you check out initial stats listed, it does not suppose I execute not intfinish you to pray to those Demi-Gods, just that you should not allocate extra stats to those stats. As referenced below, Demi prayers should be done for Demi-Quests. Also, I will certainly never list Health simply to conserve on room. I execute not recommfinish anyone raise their Health with anything various other than Demi blessings, aget as referenced below. Also, the limits used are not indicative of FP Generals (although I will use boundaries that count on Generals obtainable to everyone when applicable).