Introduction: with the current influx of much more and an ext Monsters being presented to the game, I have seen countless players asking for advice top top stat build in order to become a Monster Hunter. Over there is a pure Quester guide and 2 PvP guides, but no guide for Monster Hunters.

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This guide is created to be valuable for all players, but with strategies designed towards Monster hunting as a specialty. Some tactics will be different than PvP strategies. This is intentional together this overview is not geared in the direction of PvP. Some aspects of PvP will and must be debated as it would be incredibly negligent to ignore 1/3 that the video game (all PvP related concerns will be directed in the direction of Invasion since a Dueler only requirements 1 the the ideal gear and the rest is unnecessary. Therefore a Monster Hunter build makes a more sensible and easier transition into an Invader in PvP). Monster hunting for many is a method to have fun through the game, staying out the the PvP arena until totally equipping one Army. Part Monster Hunters have absolutely no attention in PvP and also are Monster Hunters for the sheer happiness of it. Whichever form of Monster Hunter girlfriend are, this guide is for you (note, all discussions i think an military of at least 501).

A few definitions that builds: PvPer – Someone whose main emphasis is in Battling various other players. They fall in 2 simple categories, Duelers and also Invaders. This may battle monsters, however their key interests lie in PvP. For much more info on this builds, check out Sophia’s Dueler guide and also her Invader guide Monster Hunter – Someone who main focus is in battling Monsters. These also fall into 2 an easy categories, those who room preparing their militaries for PvP and those who have no attention in PvP and also just prefer killing monster (the difference between this player and also a strength Leveler is the this player will certainly actually allocate to Att/Def and could participate in PvP if lock wish, but they choose not to). Hybrid – Someone that is in in between a traditional PvP build and Monster Hunter build. These players tend to be “Jack of every Trade” format players who have the right to do the all, yet they are more successful together PvPers than as Monster Hunters because they spread out their Stm between PvP and Monsters an interpretation less chance for Loot. strength Leveler – Someone that is only interested in gaining to the greatest levels. Lock Quest and also battle Monsters solely as a an approach of getting levels. They have no interest in PvP and also will never allocate any stats to Att/Def.

The High Energy/Stm argument There has been much conflict over even if it is it is far better to have high Energy/Stm or reduced Energy/Stm. This discussion is not to to speak one is much better than the other. However, I will certainly be acquisition the place that high Energy/Stm is much better for Monster Hunting. This walk not median someone with reduced Energy/Stm can’t be efficient vs a Monster, only that they would certainly be an ext effective if they had actually allocated stats towards Energy/Stm instead.

Lower Energy/Stm (traditional 120/100) This build is a sluggish leveling develop designed come be extremely successful in ~ PvP while still being able come Quest and also battle Monsters. The is a develop that no only enables for PvP at an extremely early levels, that also permits for the continued maintenance of fight Rank throughout every levels the the player. The services of this build lie in it’s slow-moving leveling which allows for an ext Demi-Prayers every level and also the capacity to allocate an ext stats to Att/Def than anyone other than another devoted PvPer in it’s very own level bracket. That deficiencies lie in it’s inherent slow leveling and also low Energy. When leveling gradually can it is in a benefit to PvPers pre-Gauntlet, as soon as this construct hits level 300, level themselves end up being meaningless and the highly successful PvPer can find themselves much more of a target than previously, yet they have to still be able to fend that a an excellent portion that the attackers. It’s low power also means it can not adequately Fortify and also Quest at the exact same time, however needs to either rely on rather to Fortify because that it, or sacrifice pursuit completion. This build relies on that stats to win battles because that it (and that is necessary to keep in mind that stats are more important than Items).

High Energy/Stm (300/300 and up) this builds (there are a range of basic builds outlined in detail which reflect an individuals an individual play style) room designed come level extremely conveniently in stimulate to conference SP at a high price through leveling and also Questing and allow for a huge number the SP come be derived much earlier in a character’s development (relative come time invested in the video game rather than level) when contrasted to a low Energy/Stm build. This higher Energy/Stm will certainly also result in the ability to spread itself over more Monsters leading to much more Loot and more FP. Depending upon how high Enery/Stm a player chooses to go to, this can potentially result in a secure stream that FP in overfill of 10FP every day. This FP will certainly become crucial in the build’s ongoing leveling speed and performance at higher levels which will permit for so late game capacity to clues stats right into Att/Def for PvP. This build can it is in mildly effective at PvP, specifically at at an early stage levels when opponents haven’t had the possibility to allocate to Att/Def as generally as they will certainly at later stages in their advance and additionally once it reaches the Gauntlet and also begins come allocate come Att/Def exclusively. It’s benefits include much more Loot and also FP and gaining SP in ~ a faster rate.

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What kind of Monster Hunter perform I want to be? There room a wide range of means you can select to allocate your stats to become a terrible Monster Hunter. The adhering to are some an easy builds I have come up with to display some that the pros and also cons the each develop as they relate to each other. These space meant to showcase the upper and also lower boundaries to a Monster Hunter build and also are in no means meant to be taken together absolute. Players an individual preference will eventually determine the exact stat amount chosen. Some will certainly look very familiar however may have names different than you are provided to. I tried to use differing name from existing PvP name (glass cannon, glass mage and also so on). This is to stop confusion and also to additionally hammer in the reality that these are builds designed for Monster Hunting and not for PvP. Nobody of the stats reflect Demi blessings. Once you watch initial stats listed, that does not average I perform not intended you come pray come those Demi-Gods, just that you must not allocate added stats to those stats. As referenced below, Demi prayers need to be done for Demi-Quests. Also, i will never ever list health and wellness simply to save on space. I carry out not introduce anyone progressive their health through anything other than Demi blessings, again as referenced below. Also, the limits used room not indicative that FP Generals (although I will certainly use borders that count on Generals accessible to everyone once applicable).