Beast Evolutions

Some Beasts have a fixed chance to experience a sudden mutation as soon as evolving.

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After evolving, the Beast"s illustration is drastically readjusted and values space reset in the occasion the Beast had a limit Break going.You may pick whether or no to go with with the evolution.

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Evolution ProbabilityRarity ~ above EvolveMetamorphosis Chance
1★ come 2★10%
2★ come 3★20%
3★ to 4★30%
4★ to 5★40%
5★ to 6★50%
Metamorphosis ListBefore MetamorphosisMetamorphosis TypePotential Metamorphosis Rarity(Based top top Pre-Evolution Rarity)
CaterpillarSilkworm Moth1★+
Baby Wild BoarBabirusa3★+
Zombie ElfBone Elven2★+
Zombie OrkBone Ork2★+
Grown TadpoleGreat Frog3★+
FungiFungi Two3★+
Bear CubGrizzlyWhite Bear3★+4★+
ZombieBone Fighter2★+
Zombie DwarfBone Dwarf2★+
LeechLeech King3★+
Black BassAlligator Gar3★+
PenguinEmperor Penguin3★+
MandragoraTree Man3★+
Pond TurtleAlligator Snapper3★+
Sand GhostWraith3★+
BeeQueen Bee4★+
Baby DragonAmphisbaenaOryuSlavic DragonBalaurLindwyrmQuetzalcoatl4★+
SheepGiant Sheep4★+
Alligator GarAlligator4★+
Small LotusRafflesia4★+
Will-O"-the-WispShadow Knight3★+
Giant IsopodGrab3★+
Flapjack OctopusOctoclops2★+
TortoiseGiant Tortoise4★+
RhinoGreat Rhino4★+
BeetleHercules Beetle4★+
Komachi BoarWar Babirusa3★+
RhinoNorthern White Rhino5★ or above
GoosefishKing Goosefish5★ or above
MammothHigh Mammoth5★ or above
Snow LeopardCuahl5★ or above
OrangutanElder Utan5★ or above
*The baby Dragon"s Mutation type will adjust depending on the ar it to be obtained. Human/Elf Areas: Oryu is an ext likely Ork Areas: Balaur is an ext likely Dwarf Areas: Slavic Dragon is an ext likely Elf Areas: Quetzalcoatl is much more likely*Limit rest counts room reset after ~ an evolution.*If you desire to avoid an evolution, friend may pick "No" to stop the evolution.


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