Why Is that So difficult To Teach funding Letters?

I love come teach writing! The children get so excited as soon as they can sit in the author’s chair and also share their work. Do you understand what i don’t love? teaching capitalization rules. It’s therefore frustrating! Teaching resources letter rule is most likely the most uninteresting thing in a writing block. Therefore let me display you how to make teaching capitalization rules interesting!

Teaching funding letters doesn’t have to be frustrating!

Teaching students come remember capitalization rule is like teaching my kids to take their socks upstairs after they’ve been sitting top top the measures for one embarrassingly lengthy time. It’s no that lock don’t want to, they just overlook that job to acquire to wherein they’re going. This is the same thing with funding letters. They desire to get going and also tell every the things in their heads that they skip over the capitalization to get to their stories.

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I’m no going to boy you, this takes FOREVER for them come remember come do. Our score is for them to normally use exactly capitalization, favor muscle memory. We shut the garage door there is no thinking around it, we desire the very same for capital letters.

Use one Anchor chart To Teach Capitalization Rules

I’m a large fan of anchor charts! check these beauties out! i have separated lock by capitalization rule so it’s no overwhelming. Girlfriend can get a set within the capitalization bundle here! Each set of capitalization anchor charts is obtainable at literacystations.com.


Here are the anchor charts included: this capitalization anchor charts are straightforward to print and also post! I recognize how valuable your time is, so this are prepared for you and also your students! simply click on any capital letter rule over to check out the product in ~ literacystations.com.

Grab A Capitalization Mentor Text

I always shot to find a book to demonstrate any mini-lesson. “If You to be A resources Letter” is a an excellent quick read to introduce capitalization. Click on the publication cover to check out it on Amazon. This is a book that my students constantly enjoyed. Not only are the illustrations beautiful, yet it’s a good way to reinforce capitalization rules. I usually review this in ~ the start of the year, but when I an alert that my students are forgetting to start sentences or native with capital letters, I’ll carry it out to check out it again! periodically I’ve check out it as plenty of as five times a year, but that’s okay! Grab her copy today, you’ll be glad you have it!

You can purchase “If You to be A capital Letter” with an affiliate link here!

Make A Million Mistakes

Where are my Hamilton fans at? don’t tell me friend didn’t sing this line! mistakes happen often in mine classroom, and also mainly by me. One of my favorite points to say as soon as I mess up is “You guys! it is the very first mistake i made today!” ns love to teach my students that making a failure is occasionally the ideal thing they can do.


When modeling writing, as all of you most likely know, you do mistakes top top purpose. And in your many dramatic, Oscar-winning performance, you say, “Look at my sentence boys and girls! just look in ~ it! no it wonderful the I wrote this?” they’re clambering come tell you that you forgot come capitalize the an initial letter. I carry out this every the time. Your kiddos help you correct her mistakes will present them the it’s it s okay to do mistakes, and also how come go earlier to examine if they supplied their caps.

Use Cool Blue resources Letters

I have actually a collection of blue Crayola mite that ns bought, that i ONLY permit for this reason. That way they’re special! walk you know that Amazon sells lock in sets?


I bust these babies out when I’m teaching funding letters. And in my finest smooth-jazz voice ns tell my kiddos how COOL that is to use capitalization. If lock capitalize all their words correctly, they deserve to trace over their resources letters through a blue marker.

After a while, I’ll put them away as soon as the new wears off, but I’ll lug them ago out through a cool-blue grow if I an alert that mine students are forgetting your caps. Click on the photo to see the mite on Amazon.

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Once you room ready, though placed a blue mite at her independent writing station for her students to trace over THEIR funding letters! This helps them remain motivated and also responsible because that remembering your capitalization rules!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Now it’s time because that them to practice. Repetition and also reminders space key. I recognize that we acquire SO busy and also we can not revisit the an abilities we teach at the beginning of the year, so I use these worksheets and also digital activities. I likewise do a most work with companion revision. Have actually your kiddos partner up and check every other’s work.

I’m not a huge worksheet teacher, but in this case, this are great to aid with capitalization, sentence structure and also even handwriting! These deserve to be used for whole group instruction or to place in your composing stations. Grab a set here!

Digital resources for Capitalization Rules

I am, however, a substantial fan that digital resources. Particularly those that space engaging and fun! right here are some funding letter activities that space on both Google Slides (for your Google Classroom) and Seesaw. This is an example of exactly how a student would certainly capitalize the name of a store dubbed “Pearl’s Flowers”.

The ideal part? Each activity has a VIDEO. Mental the anchor charts? every digital task has a mini-lesson come reinforce your capitalization lesson. It’s like a built-in anchor graph video! we know how students should hear something more than one time, so these videos will assist your kiddos find out their funding letter rules.

That’s right, a video clip mini-lesson to ago up your impressive teaching. I’ve began to include these because that my lessons, and also it provides a huge difference with the top quality of work-related that I see the college student do. If you desire to see just how I do these, this is the article!

Finally, inspect out the capitalization sources that friend can acquire at literacystations.com. You’ll gain the anchor charts, the timeless worksheets for practice, the video clip mini-lesson, and the digital slides v movable letters! every within every resource!