In our recent question and answer, the pharmacist discusses even if it is or not it is safe to take NyQuil and Aleve together.

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Sandy asked

I am wonder if it is it s okay to take Aleve and NyQuil together. Thank you in advance for her help!

At a glance

over there is no medicine interaction between Aleve (naproxen) and also NyQuil or NyQuil Severe. They space safe to take together.



When stating interactions concerning NyQuil, I always like to remind people that that contains an ext than one active ingredientand we must take into consideration each one. That contains:

NyQuil Severe, another product in the NyQuil family, contains all of the above, plus the sleep decongestantphenylephrine.

Aleve contains naproxen, one anti-inflammatory medication. Specifically, that is classified as an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and also is comparable to Advil (ibuprofen), return Aleve lasts much longer per dose. Naproxen go not have actually a drug interaction with any type of of the ingredients in Nyquil and they deserve to be taken together.

I desire to allude out that also though NyQuil does contain a pain reliever (acetaminophen), it works in different ways than Aleve (naproxen) and also is in a different class of medication. They carry out not interfere v each other.

Both acetaminophen and also naproxen (again, the energetic ingredient in Aleve) room pain relievers and fever reducers but as mentioned, Aleve is one NSAID and also has anti-inflammatory actions, acetaminophen does not.

This isn"t to say that acetaminophen doesn"t have actually its own benefits over NSAIDs though. Because that example, acetaminophen is a far better (and safer) an option in those taking blood thinners because all NSAIDs have actually an antiplatelet (i.e. Blood thinning) effect. They can also be harsh top top the stomach. Acetaminophen doesn"t have a blood-thinning effect and also is generally better tolerated once it pertains to stomach issues.

Now, even though have the right to you take it Aleve and Nyquil together, it periodically makes sense to separate your doses through a few hours so girlfriend can alternative taking lock to more effectively treat any kind of pain symptom you are experiencing. However, since you most likely aren"t acquisition NyQuil just because that pain relief, alternating doses may not it is in necessary.

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The overall suggest here is the it is good to take it Aleve v NyQuil. Castle don"t impact each other. If you have actually been acquisition Aleve to assist with pain symptom (e.g. Muscle pain, headaches, etc...) transparent the day and want to add on NyQuil at night to help with cold/flu symptoms, over there is no trouble with that.