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Can you keep a secret?

I mean, obviously, i can’t, yet can you?

Are you dependable enough? have actually you to be vetted? What about getting her urine tested? This an enig is no for amateurs. It cannot be handed over to just anyone. So, phone call me, are you willing to keep a secret regardless of possible consequences?

Because I guarantee you – what I’m about to phone call you can not – absolutely can not – leave your lips! that is critical that us remain completely silent at all costs, particularly if you carry out not want the negative man to uncover you. Since he will. Oh, that will! He will certainly hunt friend down favor an animal, and also he will desire to kill you. That’s what that does. It is what he constantly does.

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And over there is no protecting against him.

Loose lips sink ships.

It does not issue if you only know a partial truth. If you recognize what i know, you would be in danger. So lot danger. So much danger that you’ll wish you were never born. The ache is indescribable, unlike anything friend have ever endured. They will certainly rip your limbs apart, one by one, torturing you come tell them what girlfriend know. Friend will desire to die.

So, deserve to you save a secret?

Can friend honestly watch me in the eye and swear come God the no issue what happens, you will absolutely remain silent? silence is the only way of communication. Tricks cannot be spoken. Tricks should no be shared, however there is nobody else. There is absolutely nobody else, so I have to count on girlfriend to take this an enig to your grave. It’s the just way. THE ONLY means we can ensure that longevity. You will understand who knows, and also who doesn’t know. You will know due to the fact that those that don’t know won’t know, and also those that won’t know shouldn’t know. They i will not ~ know. Don’t obtain them involved. They might be bad. They may be very bad.

But wait! how do I recognize you’re no bad?

How execute I understand you aren’t one of them? The bad men? The really bad men? have actually you ever killed before? have actually you ever thought of killing someone before? Don’t perform that. Don’t ever before do that! keeping life makes us different from them. As lengthy as us remain various from them, everything should it is in okay. It needs to be okay. It will be okay! It have to be!

So, have the right to you save a secret?

It’s a beautiful secret. A exorbitant secret. But a attention secret. One the brings fatality wherever the goes. And it walk far. Therefore far. Farther than anything beyond imagination. That that powerful of a secret, and also it need to not be mutual with any kind of living soul. If they know, they will certainly die. It’s prefer poison come the mind, slipping gently inside and spreading its disease. Why would such a wonderful an enig wreak so much havoc?

Because there space so plenty of who execute not want you to have it. So numerous who covet it but want it for evil. Those who get the mystery are never ever evil, yet those who desire it, are. Coveting is bad. Nothing be bad. Don’t ever be bad. Don’t ever before covet. Never ever covet.

So, can you save a secret?

The mystery is simple. The secret is sacred. The an enig is something that have to not be taken. Share the mystery is death.

It’s choose a pandemic plaguing the human being with its sickness. It will certainly hurt come breathe. It will certainly hurt to stand, however no issue what, NO issue WHAT friend DO, you ABSOLUTELY must not re-publishing the secret.

Don’t to trust anyone. Don’t trust yourself. If you begin to trust yourself, you’ll come to be weak. Don’t be weak. Nothing you dare come to be weak, because if girlfriend do, you will certainly surely fail and also die a miserable death.

So, tell me, have the right to you save a secret?

You must swear never ever to tell a solitary soul even when that burns her mind come escape. If learning the secret doesn’t kill you, the silence of protecting it definitely will. Oh, it will. It will and it will be excruciating. Steering you come the brink the insanity. Think me, ns know. Ns know, and also I will constantly know.

I will constantly know, and you will never know unless you certain swear you can keep the secret. Because if friend don’t, if girlfriend break her promise, negative things will happen. Negative things will constantly happen. No issue what friend do, you can’t hide. You have the right to never hide. Don’t hide! nothing hide like a coward! Hiding is because that losers, and also losers never ever win. Nothing be a loser. Never be a loser.

But then again… you currently are…

You can not tell between what’s real and what’s imaginary. You can’t recognize the difference in between right and wrong. You don’t also know your name. Yet I do, and I recognize you understand what I want to know. I know you know what the will require to win the war, and if you nothing tell me, I will certainly tear girlfriend apart body by limb.

You can’t keep a secret.

You won’t save the secret.

It’s as well unbearable. Shameful. Awful.

Protecting the mystery is eating you alive, and also you room in too lot pain to keep it hidden.

♫♪ Tick-tock! Tick-tock! It won’t be long—! ♪♫ NOW provide ME THE cursed SECRET!

I will certainly do every little thing it takes come peel that mystery from you, and I will acquire what i want. I always do, and I constantly will. Don’t worry, no one will remember your bravery. Nobody will even remember who you are. So, what is preventing you? Why perform you also care? girlfriend tremble as you safeguard what will no much longer be yours to bear. Permit me diminish the burden.

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It’s okay. It’s all right. Just tell me what I want to know, and also I promise a quick, painless end.