Does alcohol affect the morning after ~ pill? can your weight impact how efficient emergency contraception is? and also do you have to take it in ~ a details window?

It"s organic to have a lot of questions about taking the morning ~ pill. Although the NHS website shares the it has a unstable 98 to 99% success rate, it can be daunting, even if you think friend know everything you require to.

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Whatever your query, hope we"ll have actually it covered. To speak you had unprotected sex and were drink the night before. Can alcohol influence the pills success rate? will certainly you experience any irregular bleeding, and experience your duration cycle as normal? and also is there need for you come worry, or take extra precaution with?

One point to point out here: over there is absolutely no shame in having to take it emergency contraception. We live in a country where it"s a woman"s selection to execute what she wants v her body. The doctor or sexual health advisor in your appointment will certainly reassure friend of the specific same thing, so do make certain to just ask if you"re emotion a small apprehensive or have any kind of questions. That"s what they are there for, after all - to help.

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To conserve you any type of stresses, we spoke to a qualified experienced to obtain the answers every in one place, once and for all. Here, sex-related health and contraception expert Dr. Integrity Sullivan dispels the myths and shares the emergency contraception truths every medical professional wants you come know.

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14 need-to-know facts about the morning ~ pill

1. There room two species of morning after ~ pill

There"s Levonelle, which has a hormone dubbed Levonorgestrel, and also EllaOne which consists of Ulipristal Acetate, defines Dr Verity.

2. There"s likewise a lesser known Copper Coil

This is much more technically knows together the intrauterine machine (IUD). Follow to Dr Verity, this is less frequently taken than the pill, and also has two ways of staying clear of pregnancy. The copper is toxicity to eggs and sperm, therefore it stop the egg gift fertilised. In the eventuality that the egg has already been fertilised, it has actually an anti-implantation effect, protecting against a fertilised egg from attaching to the womb lining and becoming a pregnancy.

According to the NHS website, the is a slightly more effective contraception method.

3. It"s no the same as having actually an abortion

The idea is that the emergency contraception is bring away or put with sufficient time to avoid the pregnancy from arising in the first place. The morning ~ pills prevent or delay ovulation, so there"s no egg there to be fertilised by your partner"s sperm adhering to unprotected sex.

4. There"s a time border for acquisition the morning after pill

You can take Levonelle approximately 72 hours after sex and also EllaOne as much as 120 hrs after. The sooner you have the right to take it, the better, Dr verity shares.

5. Girlfriend can accessibility them for complimentary whatever her age

That is, it"s obtainable from many GPs, sexual health and wellness or family members planning clinic and certain pharmacies.

Alternatively, you might buy castle from some pharmacies for around £35 (it"s no cheap). You"ll only be provided it after speaking to a trained pharmacist who will for sure it"s for sure to give and to examine that they are giving you the best dose. Some women who take particular medications, for example, might need to take a double dose that Levonelle. It can likewise be purchase online, where you have to answer the relevant concerns online.


6. Friend don"t need to feel embarrassed

It"s totally normal to feel a little bit awkward speaking to a stranger around your sex life, Dr verity stresses. Yet we"ve heard it every before and also we"ll carry out our best to do you feel comfortable, she adds.

7. There can be side impacts occasionally

But, most women have actually no problems. A more common side result is that your next period can it is in irregular, yet if you"ve not had a duration within three weeks of utilizing emergency contraception, you must do a pregnancy test.

8. You"ll need to take that again if friend vomit within 3 hours of acquisition it

You should always seek advice if you come to be ill, together it might not have actually been took in into your mechanism properly and therefore might not be effective, Dr truth shares.

9. You can drink alcohol

Wondering, go alcohol affect the morning ~ pill? no according to Dr Verity, no. You deserve to drink alcohol prior to or after taking the morning after ~ pill, she shares, and also this won"t result how well it works.

10. Weight can have an influence on the effectiveness

Guidance that"s to be released through the Faculty the Sexual and Reproductive Health treatment (FSRH) advises that the performance of dental emergency contraception might be diminished if a mrs weighs over 70kg. The producer of ellaOne have confirmed that your morning ~ pill continues to work also in women who weigh much more than 70kg.

Levonelle, on the other hand, to shows up to have diminished effect in females weighing more than the according come the faculty guidance.


11. There"s no border to how numerous times you can take the morning ~ pill

That is, there"s no limit during your life time per se. Both pills are really safe come use, however if you"re acquisition it frequently, it may be time come think about your irreversible contraception options.

12. The morning after pill isn"t guaranteed to work

Whilst both Levonelle and EllaOne deserve to be very effective, it"s necessary to know: they execute not work every time.

13. Neither provide you any future defense from unprotected sex

So if you have unprotected sex again soon after taking the morning-after pill, that"s a different pregnancy risk. You"ll should consult a medical expert again.

14. In contrast, the IUD is end 99% effective

It can be maintained in together your irreversible contraception, for approximately 10 years.

15. Emergency contraception doesn"t defend you versus STIs

So you"ll require a sexual health display screen to examine for STIs and any sexual health and wellness issues. Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea can take increase to 2 weeks to display up top top tests, v HIV and also Syphilis taking as much as one month.

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