The Urology Unit is renowned for its therapy of kidney stones, providing a rapid-access kidney stone derekwadsworth.comanization utilizing the latest approaches and also state-of-the-art innovation to enable patients the best feasible recoexceptionally. Patients deserve to rest assured that they are under the treatment of 2 of the county’s leading specialists in kidney stones, Mr Leye Ajayi and Mr Simon Choong.

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The kidneys – bean shaped derekwadsworth.comans – lie on each side of the spine, close to the middle of the ago and just below the ribcage. The ureters are tubes which connect the kidneys to the bladder and also move the urine created by the kidney to the bladder for storage.

The kidneys perdevelop many kind of functions to keep the blood clean and also chemically balanced by handling blood to rerelocate waste products and excess water that becomes urine. As well as rerelocating waste products the kidneys likewise release three essential hormones:

Erythropoietin – stimulates the bone marrowhead to make red blood cellsRenin – regulates blood pressureBioactive Vitamin D– the active create of vitamin D, which helps keep calcium for bones and for normal chemical balance in the body

Kidney stones specialist

We are a devoted centre for the therapy and also avoidance of kidney stones, offering an acute company commonly seeing patients within 24 hours of initially call.

Most stones are formed in the kidney and some have the right to then travel dvery own the ureter (a lengthy and narrowhead tube connecting the kidney to the bladder) and into the bladder. Occasionally a stone will develop in the bladder itself, in the visibility of bladder outcirculation obstruction, such as an enlarged prostate gland also. Stones in the kidney or ureter deserve to reason blockage of urine circulation and also can cause excruciating pain.

In the existence of an obstructed kidney oran infection (high fever), a patient need to look for prompt clinical attention.

Tright here are a variety of theories neighboring the development of kidney stones. Some people also appear to have actually a propensity towards rock development for different reasons. Once you have developed a stone, tbelow is an boosted hazard of you creating even more stones.

Symptoms of kidney stones

Often, as soon as stones are located in the kidneys, tbelow are no symptoms and also it is just when they take a trip down into the even more constricted space of the ureter that acute pain establishes. Pain tends to develop in the kidney if the rock becomes big enough to block the circulation of urine. Symptoms may include the following:

Renal colic – significant loin pain starting in the small of the earlier below the ribs or in the lower abdoguys, which have the right to also take a trip to the groin. The excruciating pain deserve to last for a couple of minutes or hours via brief periods of relief.Feeling nauseous and also maybe vomiting.Bloody or cloudy urine.Burning sensation once urinating.

Types of kidney stones

Calcium stones – the most prevalent kind of kidney stone, made from calcium and also oxalate, or calcium and phosphate.Struvite, or infection stones – contain magnesium and ammonia, have the right to be horn-shaped and rather huge.Uric acid stones – smooth, brown and tend to affect people that eat a diet which is high in protein.Cystine stones – often yellow and also crystal shaped.

Diagnosis of kidney stones

You will be asked about your symptoms and diet. A diagnosis will certainly have to establish the specific size, area and kind of kidney rock you have. The investigations, utilizing radiological imaging, such as a CT sdeserve to, will diagnose the website and size of the stone and the degree of kidney blockage, and deserve to commonly be done quickly in the time of the first visit.

Other tests might include:

Urine test for infection.Blood tests to show whether you have actually high levels of certain chemicals attached to kidney stones.X-rays – stones containing uric stones are typically not watched on x-rays.Ultrasound sdeserve to of the urinary tract.IVU – Injection of a distinct dye which shows up on x-ray.CT shave the right to – no injection is associated and it just takes 2 minutes

Caoffers of kidney stones

We market patients Metabolic Stone Screening. This examination (non-invasive, it calls for the patient to collect all urine that is passed within 2 consecutive 24hr periods) will recognize the reason that kidney stones are being formed in the first area. This is revolve will certainly help the Consultant to advise on staying clear of the development of better kidney stones. Over 50% of kidney stone patients will certainly create another rock in the next 10 years.

Genetics: In about 25% of instances the cause is genetic, wright here there is normally a family background of kidney stones.

Geography: Chronic dehydration is a major cause in the formation of stones bereason many type of people carry out not drink enough fluid and also those living in warm climates are more vulnerable to kidney stones.

Stress: Lifestyle strains and stresses are a large reason of kidney stone development, often combined with chronic dehydration.

Diet: A high protein diet, or a diet high in oxalates, phosphates and other minerals, can increase the risk of uric acid stones.

Treatment of kidney stones


If stones are left untreated, they have the right to cause major damages to the kidney, so it is vital to look for clinical help if you are experiencing any type of symptoms.

The Urology Unit at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital offers a number of methods for dealing with kidney stones, consisting of non-surgical procedure, non-invasive Lithotripsy, minimally-invasive lasering through Ureterorenoscopy and keyhole Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL). Your consultant will certainly comment on via you the best form of treatment.

Pain relief is the first priority and there has been a trend towards the usage of anti-inflammatory agents (NSAID). Not all patients require hospital admission. However, it is mandatory in some circumstances, particularly in the existence of infection and also kidney blockage.

Our trusted Consultant Anaesthetists, from London teaching hospitals, are all specialists in their fields, through an establimelted history of specialism in kidney surgery, in addition to our team of nurses, that have actually been treating patients via stones for many kind of years, giving clinical expertise as well as sound advice and reassurance throughout the entire therapy procedure.

Kidney stones surgery

In this video, Mr Leye Ajayi, a Consultant Urological Surgeon at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital performs a ideal percutaneous nephrolithotomy through endoscopic and combined renal surgery, to treat a complex kidney rock. Mr Ajayi utilities the latest surgical procedure approaches linked with state-of-the-art infrastructure at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth to allow for the finest possible surgical outcomes and also a lot of comfortable patient experience.

Digital versatile ureterorenoscopy

Kidney stone patients deserve to look forward to a shorter procedure thanks to a current investment in the latest state of the art digital technology.

Mr. Leye Ajayi, among our leading urologists, said “By replacing our older tools with two new FLEX-XC™ digital functional ureterorenoscopes, procedures are much much faster, exceptionally specific and I can take on huge stones thanks to a greater resolution digital picture.”

Mr. Ajayi ongoing “The big magnified see additionally lets me view and retrieve the tiniest of kidney stone fragments enabling for a fantastic stone clearance price.”

Unchoose previous tools which relied on fibre optics for vision, the brand-new FLEX-XC™ has a digital video camera chip installed at its guideline and also at much less than 3mm in diameter, is the smallest of its type on the market. In a minimally invasive procedure, the FLEX-XC™ is passed right into the bladder and also up the ureter (a lengthy and also narrow tube connecting the kidney to the bladder) right into the kidney. Any stones are broke up utilizing laser energy and then retrieved in tiny baskets.

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Flexible Ureteroscopy making use of the FLEX-XC™ is provided by Mr. Leye Ajayi and Mr. Simon Choong, consultant urologists and specialists in stone illness.

Contact us

Mr. Leye Ajayi and also Mr. Simon Choongare experts in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones and also have actually access to the latest diagnostic equipment at the Hospital Of St John & St Elizabeth. To ask a question or to book an initial consultation you have the right to speak to us on020 7432 8297or email us atlondonurology