Pepto-Bismol helps relieve numerous digestive issues that pregnant and also breastfeeding women frequently experience, consisting of gas, heartburn, and also nausea.

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Many women may be mindful that they should avoid acquisition Pepto-Bismol during pregnancy, however what about while breastfeeding?

It is unclear whether Pepto-Bismol is safe to take it while breastfeeding, however most experts recommend staying clear of it. Check out on to discover more.

Is that safe?

Pepto-Bismol’s energetic ingredient is bismuth subsalicylate, a kind of salicylate. Aspirin’s other name is acetylsalicylic acid, which is another kind of salicylate.

Researchers are unsure if bismuth subsalicylate passes right into a woman’s chest milk. Other types of salicylates, including aspirin, do get in the breast milk, and they can have harmful effects on a developing baby.

Some research right into aspirin use reports the serum level of salicylates in breastfeeding infants can reach roughly 40 percent that the dose taken by the woman.

As a result, the American Academy the Pediatrics recommend that physicians use caution once recommending drugs containing salicylates to breastfeeding women.

The national Institutes of health and wellness in the united States indicate that breastfeeding ladies use choices to Pepto-Bismol because the active ingredient may pass right into breast milk.




The dangers of utilizing Pepto-Bismol while breastfeeding are not well-documented. However, in really rare cases, salicylates have been linked to Reye’s syndrome in children.

Reye’s syndrome is a severe and also potentially fatal problem that reasons swelling that the mind and liver.

Due come the danger of Reye’s syndrome, specialists recommend the breastfeeding ladies seek options to medicines that save on computer salicylate, such together Pepto-Bismol.

Other risks connected with Pepto-Bismol use include:

a black, hairy appearance to the tongueblack stoolconstipation

These effects are temporary and go far within a few days of stopping use.

In rarely cases, Peptol-Bismol can cause ringing in the ears. If a human being experiences this side effect, they have to stop acquisition the medication and see a physician immediately.

Also, Pepto-Bismol may communicate with various other medications, together as:

angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, or ACE inhibitorsaspirin and also other species of salicylateblood thinnersdiabetes medicationsgout medicationsnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDssome antiseizure drugssome drugs for irritable bowel syndrometetracycline antibiotics

Speak to a doctor before taking Pepto-Bismol, especially if pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking various other medications.

Alternatives come Pepto-Bismol if breastfeeding

Some residence remedies and medications deserve to safely act digestive troubles while breastfeeding.

Treating diarrhea

Diarrhea usually clears up in ~ a few days there is no treatment. To alleviate symptoms and also discomfort throughout this time, a human should:

Stay hydrated

Diarrhea causes the human body to lose fluid. Staying hydrated is crucial while breastfeeding because dehydration can reduce the milk supply.

To replace any lost fluids, drink plenty of liquids. Healthful choices include:

waterdiluted fruit juicesclear brothsrehydrating solutionsisotonic drinks, which include numerous sports drinks

Avoid problem foods

Some foods items can make diarrhea worse. These trigger foods differ from human to person, yet some of the most usual culprits include:

fatty foodsfried foodsspicy mealsdairy products

See a doctor

If diarrhea stubborn for an ext than 2 days, view a doctor. Lock can aid determine the cause and provide treatment options.

A doctor might recommend a medicine that consists of loperamide, such together Imodium, Maalox Antidiarrheal, or Pepto Diarrhea Control. This are usually safe to take it while breastfeeding.

However, that is finest to consult a doctor before taking any antidiarrheal preparation, consisting of Pepto-Bismol.

Treating nausea

Some women endure nausea when breastfeeding. It may result from hormonal changes, gentle dehydration, or low blood sugar.

To act nausea at home, it can aid to try:

drinking ginger or peppermint teataking vitamin B6 supplementswearing antinausea or seasickness bands top top the wristsdrinking many of fluids to stop dehydrationeating frequent, nutritious meals to stop low blood sugar

Treating mountain reflux or heartburn

Lifestyle changes can regularly provide far-ranging relief indigenous heartburn. This are likewise the safest options for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

If residence remedies perform not work, a doctor deserve to recommend for sure medications.

Lifestyle changes

To alleviate heartburn and acid reflux, a breastfeeding woman have the right to try:

eating several small meals a day, rather of three huge onesdrinking water between meals, rather than through mealschewing food thoroughlynot eating for 2–3 hours before bed.avoiding fatty, spicy, or acidic foods, carbonated drinks, chocolate, and caffeinenot lie down throughout or after mealsgoing for a light stroll after eating to encourage digestionensuring that apparel is loose around the stomachsleeping ~ above the left next of the bodyelevating the head with pillows or bed risers


Some heartburn medicines may be safe to use while breastfeeding, including:

cimetidine (Tagamet)famotidine (Pepcid)nizatidine (Axid)omeprazole (Prilosec)ranitidine (Zantac)


When to watch a doctor

Breastfeeding females who space experiencing heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, or various other digestive complaints should call a physician for advice and also treatment.

It is also essential come ask a doctor around the safety of any kind of medication, consisting of Pepto-Bismol, if breastfeeding.

If the physician advises against using one medication, they have the right to recommend others or drug-free treatments.


The accessible research argues that Pepto-Bismol is no safe to take while breastfeeding. While over there is no conclusive evidence that bismuth subsalicylate passes to the infant v breast milk, other salicylates do.

As a result, most authoritative organizations recommend preventing salicylates if breastfeeding.

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Alternative treatments are easily accessible to relax digestive concerns in breastfeeding women. For further information, speak through a medical professional or pharmacist.