Find the end if it"s safe to eat bacon during pregnancy, consisting of smoked bacon, turkey bacon, Canadian bacon and cooked bacon. Plus, precautions to take it to save you and also your baby healthy.

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The main advice on eating bacon in pregnancy

Good news! Bacon is for sure to eat when you"re pregnant, as lengthy as you make certain it"s well cooked first.

Whether it"s regular bacon, smoked bacon, Canadian bacon or turkey bacon, the NHS says you should make sure all meat is completely cooked once you"re pregnant – that way no trace of pink or blood.

This is because, if you eat life or undercooked meat, there"s a small risk of gaining toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is an infection resulted in by a parasite that lives in life meat, soil and cat poo, and can cause miscarriage and also complications in pregnancy.

Do be afflicted with in mental though the bacon can be high in salt. The NHS advises cutting under on salt in pregnancy, so you might prefer to gain bacon in moderation.

Delicious bacon recipes

Love bacon? Why not try one the these good pregnancy-safe recipes?

We prefer The totality 9 Months, a week-by-week pregnancy nutrition guide, packed complete of recipes and medical advice. See an ext details below at Amazon.


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This write-up contains affiliate links, which means we might earn a small amount of money if a leader clicks through and makes a purchase. Every our articles and also reviews room written individually by the editorial team.

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