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This post may save affiliate links. If you make a purchase, we may be compensated. You can read our full disclosure in ~ the bottom that the post.So let’s run right into this holiday favorite and give friend the an excellent news and also the poor news once it comes to drinking eggnog while growing a little human.
If eggnog is no pasteurized properly, it is no safe come drink throughout pregnancy. This is since unpasteurized, life eggs can be contaminated with Salmonella.
Salmonella is a bacteria the can reason a major intestinal epidemic with serious stomach cramps, diarrhea, and dehydration. via GIPHY I deserve to tell you from an individual experience you perform not desire to gain Salmonella once you are pregnant or at any type of time. I had actually Salmonella around 15 years ago. We had actually driven to Southern new Jersey from Boston because that a dog show.
We obtained in quite late and also the motel us booked to be an old Howard johnsons motel. It had a restaurant that was still open and also they had actually a buffet option on Friday nights.I ate the baked chicken chest that had been sitting the end there for hours (I know what was ns thinking???).I feeling OK the following day in ~ the dog show. Towards the finish of the show, I had actually some chills, yet it was a cloudy and chilly autumn day. I had no idea what was about to struggle me ~ above the method home that afternoon.Let me just reduced to the chase. We quit at every solitary exit between southern brand-new Jersey and our house in Massachusetts for this reason I could get sick.Every time I witnessed a hospital sign along the highway, I would certainly tell my then-husband to simply drop me off and he could keep heading home due to the fact that I swore i was going come die.Obviously, ns didn’t. I live to call the story, but I didn’t touch chicken for a decade.When we room pregnant we have actually a dilute immune system, which put us an ext at threat for food-borne illnesses.
During pregnancy, females are an ext susceptible come infections. One reason we recognize (based on scientific studies) is because the immune mechanism is being used to defend the infant from being rejected.

Doug Penta, MD OB/GYN
 The immune system throughout pregnancy is in a well balance.It needs to be solid enough to defend the mother from infections.It cannot be too strong or it will certainly over-react and also cause harm to the baby. (Source)Salmonella, as well as Listeria and other bacteria connected with particular foods, deserve to pose a far-ranging risk come the mother and also baby.This deserve to be the an outcome of severe dehydration or sepsis if the epidemic gets right into the mummy bloodstream. 
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The Bottom heat on drinking eggnog if pregnant:

If girlfriend must have actually eggnog during your pregnancy, make certain the eggnog was made through pasteurized eggs, heated appropriately to 160 degrees, does not contain alcohol, and also has been stored properly.Store-bought eggnog is commonly pasteurized and pasteurized store-purchased eggnog is taken into consideration safe come drink during pregnancy. via GIPHY
 There room a whole lot of “ifs” that are beyond your manage when it comes to holiday eggnog.Personally, we recommend skip the eggnog if you are pregnant.Recalls of store-bought assets are not uncommon. I love eggnog.I wait because that it come come out every year and also can’t wait to have it.But during pregnancy, ns leave even store-bought pasteurized eggnog right there in the dairy case. 

Does alcohol make eggnog Safe?

For those of you who are still thinking: “Just a tiny spiked eggnog” is yes …. It is not. Eggnog v alcohol deserve to still have live Salmonella.

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Nor should you be drink alcohol throughout pregnancy. via GIPHY 

What space the symptom of Salmonella epidemic from eggnog?

The symptom of a foodborne Salmonella epidemic can build within 12 come 72 hours after exposure.The most common symptoms are noted in the adhering to illustration:


* Salmonella epidemic is resulted in by toxins released through the bacteria right into the intestine. 

What determines the severity the a Salmonella infection?

There are a number of factors the can add to the severity that a Salmonella infection:The strength of your immune system.Age – the very young and elderly are most at risk.The severity the the stress, overload of Salmonella.The lot of Salmonella you are exposed to.Early diagnosis and treatment.Not drinking enough fluids. (Though this will certainly not protect against infection, the will assist your body regulate the dehydration that can an outcome from significant diarrhea linked with a Salmonella infection. Store yourself well-hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water supplemented v an electrolyte-enriched liquid such together Gatorade or Pedialyte. Staying well-hydrated can additionally decrease cramping throughout pregnancy, the is crucial to continue to be hydrated even throughout the colder winter months as soon as you space pregnant.)