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A reader submitted the complying with question:

Can medicines that men take regularly (choose blood press, cholesterol, or diabetes meds) be passed via their seminal fluid to their oral sex partner? Many kind of sex employees prefer to percreate oral sex without a condom (bareback) and they often make the decision to swallow fairly than spit. If medication have the right to be passed like this, are these girls at any kind of risk?”

Thanks for this exceptionally amazing question! Let’s initially start by looking at whether medicines that males are taking also display up in their semen at all. Research has uncovered that this does indeed occur and that “seminal fluid chemical concentrations are commonly comparable to or lower than blood concentrations” <1>. So, medications and various other drugs that men consume execute show up in their semen to some degree, just as they tend to show up in other bodily fluids. However, save in mind that the amount of ejaculate generally created is rather little and, on average, is composed of aboutone or two teaspoons. Thus, even though drugs might be current in semales, this liquid is released in such little amounts that any kind of potential chemical carry through it would certainly be very, very tiny.

The next question is just how much of these chemicals are actually took in by men’s sex partners. Unfortunately, I have the right to just attend to potential for vaginal absorption bereason that is the only sex-related activity that has actually been stupassed away in this context to date—for this reason, we cannot straight sheight to how a lot absorption would take place through oral or anal sex, or with same-sex partners. We do recognize that absorption of medicines through the vagina is at least possible(indeed, this is why medical professionals occasionally prescribe medications to be administered via vaginal suppositories--this absorbency of the vaginal wall surfaces isalso why a tiny number of woguys have actually tried gaining drunk with vodka-soaked tampons). However, bereason seguys does not reprimary in consistent contact with the vaginal walls and also tbelow is some degree of “leakage” after intercourse,it is unmost likely that any medicines current in seguys would certainly be entirely took in via vaginal sex.

When you variable in both restricted expocertain and also imperfect absorption, researchers conclude that chemical carry with vaginal intercourse is unmost likely to be “quantitatively important” <1>. Even if you assume complete absorption, a big amount of semales, and also a very highly focused drug present in that semen, researchers still think thatthe resulting transport is unlikely to be clinically appropriate.

As some additional evidence of this, a pair of research studies was publiburned last year looking at whether drugs recognized to have toxic side effects on a occurring fetus have the right to be transferred with semen. One examine focused on people and also found no distinction in likelihood of adverse pregnancy outcomes for guys that were taking these drugs about the moment that their female partners conceived compared to those that were not <2>. The various other was an experimentalpet examine looking at transfer of chemicals to the occurring fetus, which concluded that tright here was no “biologically systematic expocertain risk” of the medication with semales <3>.

Aacquire, I am not conscious of any research study looking especially at medication-based semales transfer with oral sex; however, I would predict that the conclusions are unlikely to be much different, considering that the potential amount of a drug that can be absorbed through a solitary act is exceptionally little no matter what form of sex you’re talking around. That shelp, for a sex worker that percreates multiple unprotected sex acts in a brief period of time, the answer could potentially be various, particularly if tbelow is the majority of commonality in the medications/drugs provided by the clients. However before, in such cases, the threats of medication transport are unmost likely to be as consequential for sex workers’ health and wellness as their hazard for contractingsexually transmitted infections.

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