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"SM64 – Watch because that Rolling Rocks – 0.5x A Presses" is a viral video uploaded by the Super Mario 64 glitch exploiter pannenkoek2012, where he obtains among the game"s stars through tool-assisted superplay (TAS). ~ the narrated variation of the video was released, the went viral on 4chan"s video clip game plank /v/ due to the complex nature of its analysis, as well as the narrator"s strange wordings and also phrasings, most notably "But First, We should Talk around Parallel Universes".

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On January 12th, 2016, the initial gameplay to be uploaded, featuring pannenkoek2012 making use of a Tool assisted Software to attain the star "Watch for Rolling Rocks" indigenous the level Hazy Maze cavern using "half" the a push of the A button (by maintaining it pressed from prior to Mario start the level). The video gained over 13,000 views in the following week (shown below, left). The exact same day, a narrated variation was released, explaining in information the exploits used in the run. The many notable of this exploits was the use of "parallel universes", faraway areas where the game thinks Mario is stand in the level when he isn"t, which can be accessed with enough momentum. The report version obtained over 200,000 see in the complying with week.


The exact same day as its release, the video was post on /v/, where some users quickly picked up the parallel universes quote.<1> Though other threads around it to be created,<4> the catchphrase didn"t capture on till a thread indigenous January 17th, as soon as it was featured along a distorted image of Mario’s head.<3> prior to being archived, the thread gained over 500 replies.

Soon after, an ext threads were produced on 4chan, flooding the board with jokes related to the video (shown bellow, left).

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<2> ~ above January 18th, YouTuber João Mostarda uploaded a voice remix that the video clip titled ""Henry" builds speed for end 12 hours in stimulate to cross the level of QPUs come shitpost top top Youtube"; this remix obtained over 2,000 see in less than a day. In so late January 2015, the video clip also got viral top top Tumblr.<6><7>

There are 12 energetic threads that this right currently What walk wrong? 2:16:45.76 males I think i fucked up.. >game only has 1 universe >BUT first LETS talk R: 2(+0)/ P: 3 is smile and also optimism: gone.12 hrs XXXDD >LE >yfw at sight Mario 64 is PARALLEL UNIVERSES in reality Super Mario remember when this below R: 38(+0)/: 8/P: 2 I like THAT (HALF) run https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=kpk2tdsPh0A UNIVERSES R: 6(+0)/ P: 4 >Mods deleting vidya subject Killing memes for ree cosmos where girlfriend travel throughout Universes like how in supervisor Mario Galaxy friend travel throughout Galaxies was great RST lets TALK BOUT PARALLE R: 5(+0)/ P: 6 What would certainly you to speak is the video game parallel come Steven Universe? DWBRLD R: 6(+0)/I: 2/P:5 >/v in 2016 R: 127(+0)/1: 43 / P: 4 R: 25(+0)/: 9/P: 5 play Super Mario 64 for have to Nintendo reboot the the an initial time any type of tips & Mario series? They could How countless slopes girlfriend think there space in Yoshi"s feet? ahah R: 32(+0)/I 6/P:5 What are some games with parallel universes? R: 26(+0)/I: 7/P: 6 the R: 58(+0)/I: 8/P: 6 Literally one of the shittiest Mario gamings of every time: Why didn"t they just make a 64 2. Fuck, i would have actually gladly to buy a remake of 64 rather than this steaming heap of shit tip I need to know? simply make that take place in a parallel universe choose what Sonic boom is to the other Sonic games, therefore that way it doesn"t fuck up the established canon 64 at sight DEV LORE at sight SUPER R: 39(+0)/I: 6 P: 7 recognize when the QPU ぷx Is the half A press taken into consideration canon? alings >it just deserve to mean one but an initial let"s talk about thing *Parallel Universes* deserve to we talk around how R: 52(+0)/1: 25/ P: 10 >easy to pick up, tough to R: 125(+0)/1: 34/P: 9 R: 4(+0)/ P: 8 PARALLEL Bowser offered to be badass? Sure, he can be silly, however when it came down to the master Is this the ideal game of all time? parallel universes! favorite mario ene en in between villain and hero methods played the part as a 100% angry menace Galaxy was the last time this taken place Super Mario 64 supervisor Mario human being Super Mario Bros. Mario pannenkoek2012" data-src="https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/067/843/742.png">