—Natural athlete who quickly brings in the ball away native his frame, provides clean cut in his path tree and is a capable runner with the ball in his hands.

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—Run-after-catch is impressive, wherein you see his combination of 226 pounds and 4.49 speed. Will look to go over defenders if a running lane isn"t open.

—Does not allow press coverage to slow him coming off the line of scrimmage, making use of hand-fighting capacity and hurry-up speed to gain into his route.

—Quick, explosive route-runner who can beat defensive backs with toughness or soft moves; one of the optimal route-runners in the course with part JuJu Smith-Schuster-like moves functioning from the slot.

—Excellent all-around athlete that was selected in the 19th ring of the MLB draft by the mountain Diego Padres.


—Worked generally from the slot in college and will be tested on the outside versus top-end cornerbacks.

—Didn"t show up against LSU when facing the ideal defensive backs he observed in college. There will be concerns about his capability to work-related open against NFL speed and technique.

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—Not a downfield threat and can struggle to break free from speedy sheathe men.

—Focus-related autumn on breaking routes.

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