In 2014, NBC premiered the DC Comics series Constantine. The collection developed a loyal fan base (including this writer), however not enough to make the network renew it, causing its cancelation after ~ thirteen episodes. Since that anouncement, fans and execs test to mountain a campaign to lug the collection back, one of two people on NBC or the CW. When petitions were formed, the series was never picked up and also aside indigenous the character showing up on a couple of episodes on Arrow and Legends Of TomorrowConstantine would disappear indigenous television. In ~ the time, producer Daniel Cerone stated this that the cancelation:

“We’re leaving behind wild and also passionate pan who think in and were moved by what we tried come do. To leave such a significant, dedicated and active fan basic on the table—that’s the actual sadness. You every deserve plenty of years of the collection we collection out come make, and we’re disappointed that us couldn’t provide that come you.”

Now, 4 years later, it seems the Hellblazer is poised because that a return.

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We gained It Covered is reporting the Warner Bros. Has actually plans come bring earlier the series. Moreover, it appears WB has actually every on purpose of bringing back Matt Ryan to reprise his role as the Exorcist, Demonologist, and Master the the Dark Arts. If the CW particle streaming service did put together an man film v Ryan voice the lead character, that is no what they have in psychic now. This will certainly be a full-blown, live-action return for the fan favorite with the gibbs portrayal the so plenty of fans adored.

There is no native yet as to whether this would be a collection made because that the DC cosmos streaming app (where he would be together his old comic publication buddy Swamp Thing) or if Constantine will it is in a component of the CW’s ArrowVerse. In one of two people case, fans can breathe a sigh the relief as the renowned character is poised to return to the tiny screen.

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Source: We acquired This Covered.

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