The Aim for the moment Trial is a trial in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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This page has actually the walkthrough/solution come the Aim for the minute Puzzle.


Recommended Runes



Go end to the tiny rise on the ledge you arrive on.Look end to the right-hand side. Friend will view a Shiekah ball being introduced up right into the air.Quick Method: shooting the ropes that the surprise chest ~ above the much wall, open up it and also then use Magnesis come lift the chest and also levitate the to press the round to permit it to roll down the ramp, see listed below for following steps..Official Method: This deserve to take a few tries come get, so perform not fret. Any arrows the miss have the right to be retrieved below the sphere, behind it or at the basic of the ramp that is on. While the ball is frozen, aim and hit that 2-3 times with your consistent arrows.This will reason the sphere is change just sufficient to roll under the slope and also come to remainder in that is reciprocal.The tiny rise that link has been standing top top is revealed to it is in a launching pillar.Look straight throughout from wherein the enntrance gate is. In this wall you will watch an opening through a decision switch in it.Wait to be introduced up right into the air.Toward the height of Link"s flight, take aim v your bow when again and hit the crystal switch. This opens up the method to the Monk.There are 2 chests to be found in this shrine.The an initial is behind where the Shiekah ball was bouncing.The 2nd chest to the appropriate of wherein the sphere was bouncing remainder on a platform held up through 2 ropes.Head across the room from the entrance, dropping the the ledge, or simply proceeding past it, into the chamber v the Monk.

Strategy Guide/Tips

Remember to aim because that either the height or center of the Shiekah sphere to land the hits v the impact you need.

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Video Walkthrough

Breath that the Wild: Aim because that the minute Trial video Guide

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