The work after my breast lift v augmentation surgical procedure at the Denver-based center for cosmetic Surgery, I eliminated my bra in front of the mirror prior to a shower. Ns couldn’t assist but feel anxious to watch the outcomes from my surgery. The form was far better than I had imagined. The lower pole of mine breasts was finally round and perky. I had soft fullness up height and great cleavage in mine bra.

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“I looked great and felt great.”

The 2 long, saggy, worn-out boobs the had end up being haggard from pregnancy weight gain and also loss, followed by breastfeeding 2 children, were gone. I typical to say, not a trace of those “grandma” boobs exist upon my 34-year-old frame!!! Hurray! Hurray! My chest shape lastly resembled mine age and the symmetry aesthetic ns had constantly wanted. At my post-operative visit, the was difficult not to provide my operated doctor a big smooch top top the cheek after ~ he had performed such amazing work. Ns was on cloud nine. ~ a week, i was earlier at work. My power came earlier after around 2 weeks. No one would ever know I had actually breast surgery! i looked an excellent and feel great. However, ~ 4 weeks, my excited oddly changed for the worse.Roughly 4 weeks after ~ my breast surgery, it was time for the Steri-Strips to be removed. Once your breast surgery is complete, the surgeon will cover the scratch sites v Steri-Strips. They are thin, soft, gauze-like tape the adds pressure and also support to the incisions during healing. The Steri-Strips had actually masked my chest lift incisions for several weeks.

“It to be a lot of to take it in at first.”

Although I had seen other women post-breast elevator surgery, i wasn’t ready for how I would certainly feel see those exact same anchor background incision trends on my very own body. It was a lot of to take in in ~ first. Ns wasn’t mentally all set to feeling uneasy about the bright pink incisions. To it is in honest, i felt favor Frankenstein’s bride. Not due to the fact that the incisions were gruesome, jagged, or abnormal; lock were actually smooth, straight, precise, and bright pink. My brain had blocked the end the incisions since they were extended for a good part of a month. The end of sight, the end of mind. Somehow, I had actually forgotten that I would certainly actually have scars that essential to heal.
My doctor gently reminded me that my breast form was attractive and also re-iterated that the scars would certainly fade end time. He was right. The scar tissue required time come soften, flatten, and fade. The takes 12 come 18 months for a scar to start to fade. Slowly, I began to understand that healing is a process; a journey, if you will. Mine mind and also body went v a variety of emotions and healing blocks. I now understand this was normal. However, at the time, ns didn’t feel normal through the contrast of emotions ranging from elation to dissatisfaction.

“Time is your friend.”

It is human nature to want a fast fix. I certain wanted one! The body will certainly heal on its own—at its own pace. Scars space a natural component of the healing process. Operation technique, genetics, and also skin ton play a huge duty in scar quality. All 3 of the abovementioned are out of our control. What I discovered to be the best advice while i was heal is the quote, “Time is your friend.” because that an impatient person like myself, this idea was a foreign concept. Yet it soon came to be my mantra.

Patient is presented before and also 14 month post-op.

After about a year post-op, i realized that ns hadn’t thought around my scars lately. They had actually faded come a light pink and then come a lighter skin tone. ~ 4 complete seasons, I finally arrived in ~ a location where ns didn’t obtain into my head around looking right into the mirror. The support from The facility for Cosmetic surgery was awesome. They eased my fear throughout the recovery and also reminded me that the pretty breast shape after a chest lift far outweighs the moment it takes because that the scars come heal.

Patient is displayed before and 2 years post-op.

With every one of that said, I have actually a light complexion and also blue eyes. Heal time can vary, based upon your skin tone and also overall health. Be certain to stay present with her post-surgery appointments, so her surgeon deserve to monitor your incisions and scar top quality over time. Silicone sheeting, BioCorneum silicone gel, and also steroid injections deserve to improve scar top quality in instances where scars are sluggish to flatten and also lighten. — LR, TCCS PatientAccording come RealSelf, 95% of ladies say breast lift surgical treatment is precious it. You have the right to see why as you browser through more of our patients’ before-and-after photos in our chest lift photograph gallery and gain answers to your most commonly asked inquiries in our breast lift FAQ. Call us virtual or call us at (720) 279-1926 (Golden, CO) or (303) 951-2100 (Denver, CO) to schedule a an individual consultation. We’ll be happy to answer all her questions and concerns regarding breast lifts or any kind of other procedure.


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