Breview key-board player David Gates: "I created that song a year or so before joining Bread, mainly for my personal pleacertain. I believed it would certainly be good for the team - it has this unusual bridge that takes off and does some crazy things musically."

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Brad from FlDavid Gates and also Jimmy Griffin: has tbelow ever before been any better 2-part harmony?Shawn from Bend OregonDoes anyone know the backstory of this song? I heard it the various other day and prospered very curious to recognize if she ever before "discovered what she was looking for" or went back to "the empty room" that is waiting for her... a simply amazing song.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn September 20th 1970, "It Don"t Matter to Me" by Bread gone into Billboard"s Hot Top 100 chart at place #78; and on November 8th, 1970 it peaked at #10 for 1 week and also spent 11 weeks on the Top 100...Between 1970 and 1977 the quartet had actually thirteen Top 100 records; 6 made the Top 10 via one reaching #1, "Make It via You" for one week on August 1sixth, 1970... They simply missed having actually a seventh Top 10 record once "Guitar Man" got to #11 for 3 weeks on October 27th, 1972...Sadly, 3 members of the team have actually passed away; guitarist Jimmy Griffin* 1943 - 2005, drummer Mike Botts 1944 - 2005 and also Larry Knechtel 1940 - 2009, he replaced keyboardist Robb Royer in 1971...May all three R.I.P. * Mr. Griffin won the ‘Best Original Song’ Academy Award in 1970 as co-writer of "For All We Know" from the movie "Lovers and also Other Strangers".Barry from Sauquoit, NyThree of Bread"s initially four releases made the Top 10; "MAKE IT WITH YOU" peaked at #1, then "IT DON"T MATTER TO ME" hit #10, "LET YOUR LOVE GO" reached #28, and ultimately "IF" topped out at #4!!! Rick from Belfast, MeBreview and also David Gates....the finest "mellow" music ever from the 70"s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This was what assisted make the 1970"s the excellent decade of music it was!Marie from Chicearlier, Il David Gates music is raw and also hocolony. His heartfelt lyrics and complex melodies transcfinish time. It"s a true dichotomy of pure bliss and provocative meaning. I hope he proceeds to make beautiful music in the close to future. His contemporaries have actually a lot to learn...Denise from Lakeland, Flthis is just one of the best songs that i have ever heard by david gates of breview. breview is just one of my favorite teams. denise esposito.Joe from Lareexecute, TxIt do not issue to me proved up initially in 1969 on Bread"s initially Album "BREAD". The Album cover had actually money thrown every wbelow simply so that you interpreted that breview - money same same. That was the "hippy" word supplied for money. The verkid in this album is way different from as soon as he went ago right into the studio and also re-taped the song. The just time you recorded the new verchild was on the Best of Bcheck out. The 69 verboy was so a lot slower and also 60"s. The various other verson lugged Mike Botts on the drums to carry some punch right into the song. The vocals David Gates and James Griffin made a perfect enhance for this song.L from Providence, RiOne of my all time favorites also after all these years.Fred from Laurel, MdA curious gem. At when deep, sappy, trite, prouncovered, innovative, evocative, provocative. A touchrock -- the sort of song that tells you even more about he that offers his opinion of it than it tells you about its writer. Everyone will certainly tend to find in it the best or worst of what they look for in a song. Those that look for the finest will certainly love it; those who look for the worst will hate it. I do not recognize what this states about me, as I"ve found it, at different times, brilliant or naive. The one you sing this to could be touched to the extremely depth of her spirit ("He really watch me as an independent person, not a possession."), or entirely insulted ("He simply doesn"t treatment around me at all" or "He needs to prosper up and also number out what he wants"). The one point that comes with in the finish is love, pure and straightforward, as in so much of David"s job-related. A curious gem.Dennis from Syracuse, NyGreat song by a great team.David Gates was a genius at composing beautiful lyrics-Dennis-Syracuse-NYcheck out more comments
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