So, tbelow is the pretty straight forward - girl sleeping via a boy that doesn't understand if he's ready - interpretation. However before, years back, I had check out that the song was a metaphor for the music industry taking advantage of young bands. So, the girl would be the music industry and also Brand New is represented by the boy. I really favored that interpretation, just wanted to see what you all believed. It seems to fit as I had actually heard the same interpretation for Good To Kcurrently … and also I think they were quoted as saying that most of the songs on the record weren't around what human being believed they were around.

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As a gay male I constantly provided to pretfinish it was about a secretly gay man who gets forced right into sex with a girl. I always knew it wasn’t yet still just how I envisioned it.

They talk about your interpretation here:

You’re thinking of Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis. According to Jason at Absolutepunk (he worked for the band’s management at the time) Jesse had told him Maradona was an allegory for the music market abmaking use of artists.

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I think both sic transit and me vs Maradona are both metaphors and both songs use sex/relationships for the metaphor

you are appropriate I think tright here are two definitions to this song. The literal meaning is the guy that has thought about sex his whole life is lastly prepared for it however the girl he meets is very proficient and has actually more than likely slept with 30+ men the man is realizing that he actually isn't prepared for it and he wimelted he would have waited for the ideal perkid who he actually loves.

"die young and conserve yourself" means basically that you will inevitably want to have sex yet rather you must die young before you even go through via it.. of course this is metaphorical because he isn't saying you actually kill yourself

the metaphorical meaning is just prefer you shelp.. they dreamed of being rock stars their whole life but they are realizing the complexities of the music market and also that they are basically being offered for someone elses fortune .. the parallels of the metaphorical and also the literal meaning are impressive in this song bereason we get a literal story that conveys the feeling they are trying to portray metaphorically