When a man breaks up v you and also says the still loves you, that does the not since he loves you and regrets break up with you but due to the fact that he no hurting you. The knows that his decision breaks your heart and also gives friend unimaginable pain, for this reason he walk the just thing he can do.

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He states he still loves you, the it’s not your fault, and also that he’ll probably regret his decision months under the lline.

Why go v all the trouble? Why not just be honest and also tell you exactly how he truly feels, girlfriend ask?

It’s because your pain reasons him pain. The an ext he sees friend suffer, the guiltier that feels and the more he suffers together a result.

This doesn’t typical that the loves you though. Every guilt and sympathy median is the he cares about you together a human being (and his very own actions) and also that see you endure is an overwhelming for his conscience. Your ex doesn’t desire to see you suffer. He simply wants girlfriend to it is in healthy and also emotionally well.

That’s why many guys cry during the breakup. They can’t stand seeing their ex-girlfriend suffer, for this reason they hug her, kiss her, and also oftentimes also say points like:

I’ll constantly love youyou’re the only person I ever lovedI wish I can give girlfriend what friend wantyou worthy someone far better than meif we met under different circumstances, things would be differentwe might get together in the future

If her ex-boyfriend claimed he still loves you, you shouldn’t acquire your really hopes up as well much. You should recognize that he has actually a surprise motive, one the he might not even be aware of.

What do I mean by that?

I average that her ex may actually be encouraged that he loves you. But he think that means only due to the fact that he feels guilty because that discarding the relationship. If you ask me, that isn’t love. It’s referred to as being empathetic and also having sympathy for an additional person. It’s a quality every human should have.

So don’t take her ex’s love indigenous in a literal manner.

As a dumpee, you have to look past the assures your ex had made and all the i love yous he’d given you during or after the breakup. You need to look because that the deeper definition behind her ex’s indigenous by questioning yourself, “What does my ex get by confessing his feelings? Why does he require me?” If you ponder around this for a bit, you’ll realize that he desires something just you have the right to give.

That something is peace of mind. He desires to make you feel better so that he himself can also feel better. He wants to know that you deserve to handle the breakup and also that girlfriend aren’t blaming him for his actions.

Many people find love an extremely complicated, yet for couples who are prepared to be through each other, love is actually very simple. This is because love is either over there or the isn’t. It’s there once couples space willing to job-related on the relationship and not there once they’ve offered up. It’s the straightforward due to the fact that actions speak for themselves.

They tell girlfriend what your ex feels around you and to what degree he wants you in his life.

So if your ex says he loves you and wants to be friends, be affected by each other in mind the he made decision his words really poorly. The should have said the he’s provided to having you approximately (attached come you) and also that he’s fear of the path that lies ahead.

In this post, we’ll talk about why he broke up with you if that still loves you.


Hi Zan,I have actually been v my friend for the past two years, we had both just damaged up from long term relationships and we simply connected.We mutual the very same interests, had the same goals in life.After 6 months he was available a task away for two years. I began Uni and we regulated to view each other every other weekend for nicely a year.At the start I found out he had joined Tinder and was messaging other girls, lock actually experienced me ~ above his profile and contacted me.We broke up because that a couple of weeks, his pardon was that he believed I would go off the rails and leave him.We sorted points out and he travelled every weekend come be through me, bought every my shopping for Uni, purchase me new clothes. Sent out money into my student financial institution account without informing me therefore I can enjoy nights out through my student flat mates. Whatever was amazing.Months later we had a row and I asked him if he wanted to type things and he refuse to talk about it. He eliminated all our photos turn off social media, without also telling me. The does get exceptionally angry and also has a tendency to execute silly points to ache me. He’s constantly dirty after.Days later on he messaged apologising saying he to be mad at me.We sorted points out,We had actually a an excellent weekend, us were closer 보다 ever, arranged to walk away on holiday, looked at buying a house as the only had a year left functioning away so it made feeling to make plans to obtain a house together.He had actually his holiday leave booked and also he was coming home to be v me in the next couple of weeks.

I unexpectedly had actually to walk away for 2 weeks, ns was worried about telling him together we to be so happy. That travelled home that weekend after i told him and he refused to see me. Said he to be busy. While i was away he came residence for nearly a week and went the end every night. The started including girls in social Media and was liking all your pictures.When ns arrived home I phoned him and also asked him come stop adding girls together it was hurting me and also he stated he would remove them.Things went from poor to worse that hardly messaged me for almost a week.I made decision to neglect him. That messaged me and also told me he wasn’t emotion it and also he has wanted to break up because that a while. I just said it’s okay I have been wanting to break up too. That course i lied, i loved him.A couple of days later he messaged and he’s messaged ever before since. He stated he to be mad v me and also he didn’t average to rest up through me. That loves me more than anything, has actually has driven to my house but I have refused to fulfill him.He desires to sort things out? will he ever before change? have the right to he change? i am in entirely confused what come do. Us are totally compatible yet I can’t have actually my heart damaged again.Please call me what I must do?Lynn



I’ve been perplexed for the past couple of days after my ex dumped me if claiming the he quiet loves me. He claimed it likewise makes that sad and heartbroken, yet that this had actually to be done. I had so plenty of reasons why I wanted to proceed the relationship, however he just kept comes up with his very own reasons why it had to end.

I maintained thinking, if he still loves me, climate why has he currently given up on us? This write-up somehow assisted me understand that his actions speak louder than his words.

He’s had his own fair share of mistake in the past, and also as lot as that hurt me, I’d constantly end increase forgiving that eventually because I thought there was always a method to make points work and also I really wanted to be through him because that the lengthy run.

He’s to be bottling up his frustrations for the past couple of months, and every one of my little flaws simply kept piling up and also I guess: v he lastly reached his limit. I had no idea – he stated he didn’t call me due to the fact that he was scared I’d get mad. When I finally uncovered out about the points that bothered him, i told that I’d do my ideal to settle them. But he said it was as well late, and also that i should’ve establish these problems on my very own sooner.

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It’s upsetting that I’ve given him so countless chances in the past, however he couldn’t execute the very same for me. I just thought the partnership meant an ext to him.