Recently ns reviewed body Champ power Tower, i m sorry is multi-functional and got a most attention. So ns took the liberty come look for one more such tower and landed top top Body strength Multi-Functional strength Tower.

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Body Power is among the leaders in fitness tools industry and makes every sorts that things, together as power towers, flexible weight benches, strength racks,half racks, practice bikes and also so on.

But currently we will focus on the strength tower only.


Body power tower is do of sturdy steel and comes with a many features. Very first thing to note is that it go not have actually pull up bar, only pull up and also chin up grips. Had areheavy-duty emboldened barsmounted on adjustable horizontal bars.

Another great addition is flexible and removable high thickness PU foam roller backpad. The body strength multifunctional strength tower also comes with abdominal muscle sling straps, hanging handgrips and sit-ups bar.

The tower’s dimensions are 48L x 48.5W x 82H inches and the weight is 85.8 lbs. Maximum support weight is set to 300 lbs.

Feature Summary
Sturdy steel construction
Standard, large and chin pull up grips
Abdominal sling straps (included)
Adjustable horizontal bars
Dip bars
Centralized square pipe support
Sit-ups bar
Roll-able, adjustable and removable backpad
Hanging handgrips (included)
Maximum user support: 300 lbs
Dimensions: 48L x 48.5W x 82H (122 x 123 x 208 cm)
Weight: 85.8 lbs (38.9 kg)

Package & Assembly

Since the tower was currently assembled when I tested it, I have the right to only take the digital reviewers’ info. The assembly ispretty straightforwardwith the consisted of manual and it took many users an hour.

However, multiple users reported the the packaging was not good. In most situations it came battered and the Styrofoam inside was nice shredded. Body Power guys should take a much better look at your packages.

My endure with Body strength Multi-Functional strength Tower

Firstly, the entire building is undoubtedly sturdy and I especially like the wide-designed base, i m sorry is a good anti-wobble solution.

Second point that I need to cite is the sling straps and also hanging handgrips. Considering castle were consisted of with the tower, I kind of intended them to it is in of low quality. This is not the case. They arequite durableand well-padded.

Regarding pull-up grips, they’ve excellent a great job that you can do standard, large and chin pull ups. However, if you space a bar user, girlfriend will miss it, because this tower walk not provide it.

Regarding dip station, I should say the the one is bigger than in most power towers. This is a plus for me and also anyone with bigger hands, together it does not wear her hands under quickly. Even people with smaller hands will find this difference welcoming, as it is more comfortable.

The removable and adjustable high-density PU foam roller is rather comfortable, however I should say that is rather narrow, i m sorry is a minus if you room a enlarge guy.

Another good addition is the sit-up bar, which can be offered for sit-ups and crunches. I don’t have much to add here, the bar is pretty standard.

One thing that I miss out on though, space the push-up bars, which space usually attached in ~ the base. This is no the case with Body power Multi-functional power tower, however, you have the right to use adjustable dip bars because that inclined press ups, together they state.

Pros and also Cons


Sturdy construction with wide-base support
Sling straps and hanging handgrips room included and are of good quality
Backpad roller is adjustable and removable
Great dip bars circumference
Simple assembly

Packaging might be better
No pull-up bar, just grips
No push-up bars at the base, only sit-up bar



Body strength Multi-Functional power Tower PT728
Multi-functional maintain engages multiple...Sturdy steel building and construction with sliding...Includes handgrips, Sling straps, and...Versatile an equipment supports 19+ gym-style...
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4.5 / 5
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If you space under 300 lbs and also don’t mind absent pull-up bar (only grips are available), then i say walk for it.

The Body strength Multi-Functional strength Tower is one sturdy, unique designed strength tower and is absolutely worth the money. I simply hope the your package will come in 100% condition.

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