If there’s one point TikTok users love, it’s a funny filter. And also if they have the right to use that filter to get involved in a tiktok challenge? Well, that all but guarantees the filter’s success ~ above the app.

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One of the most popular challenges on the application currently is the Blinking video game challenge. The an obstacle is pretty much specifically what it sounds like: making use of a distinct TikTok filter, you have to blink as numerous times as feasible in 7 seconds. The filter will certainly track how many times girlfriend blink.

At the moment of writing, the #BlinkingGame hashtag has 33 million views. World love competing with one an additional to watch who can blink the faster (and honestly, it’s quite fun).

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If you want to get involved in this fun TikTok challenge, keep analysis to learn exactly how to accessibility the Blinking video game filter.

How to use the Blinking video game filter on TikTok

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