Blending Cards assist students segment, blend, and also read native in a range of phonics patterns. Lock are great for kindergarten and very first grade student or 2nd or third grade students who require extra assistance with these beforehand phonics skills. The mix cards is a main point teaching source in any kind of classroom and can it is in used during whole-group or small-group instruction.

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My son gone into Kindergarten this past year. Being a teacher, i noticed that there to be a few areasof discovering to readwhereheneeded a little more help. Blending was one of them. It is still a weakness for him, mainly since it hasn’t to be a focus of instruction.

I created these blending cards to assist my son find out to read. I initially started with simply theShort A cards, however have branched out and also now offer many other phonics patterns.

If you’re spring for how to print the mix Cards in smaller sized sizes, check out this blog post for thorough instructions.

What is contained on each Card

The cards are set up so that students:

Say the sound • • • (with the huge dots)Blend the sound (with the dotted lines)Say it quick (with the arrow)

The dotted lines show which sounds are continuous sounds and which are prevent sounds. Continuous sounds have actually dotted currently before and also after the sound to present that it continues. Protect against sounds stop at the letter.

Here is a blog article on consistent and prevent sounds the you might find beneficial when working through students. I discover that it is goodto be very details and intentional in teaching these sounds. The real benefit is when students progression farther in your reading an abilities to have actually the basic skills automatic.

Letters that comprise vowel and consonant digraphs and also r-controlled sound are placed closer with each other to show that they make one sound.

Printing, Pocket chart & Google Slides

The CVC blending cards are available in three various formats. Over there is the original full-page layout that have the right to be published in a variety of sizes. There is a pocket Chart format that consists of the word and a black and also white image. The bag Chart style is accessible for these sets:

Digital mix Cards

New is a Google Slides version for plenty of of the sets. College student can click the blue crate to expose the picture. Take a look in ~ the CVC Google Slide variation below.

Blending Cards with pictures for usage in bag Charts

Many of the mix cards come with pictures. The photos are in black and white and also can quickly be published on colored paper to identify phonics patterns. The pictures are consisted of for complimentary in to adjust where pictures are available. No all sets have images. Read an ext about the blending cards v images.


How IUse the blending Cards in the Classroom

These mix Cards are perfect for Kindergarten, first and second-grade reading. The cards can be used for instruction because that kindergarten and first grade and RtI for second grade.

Depending on the group of students, I usage 3-4 per small group session with students. I will certainly usually have a collection of native for that week, about 14-18 related words and then rotate them transparent the week. We additionally practice some of the cards entirety group, too, using the same process in little group.

As noted above, we work through the three components of the card: segmenting, blending, and also reading. We usually go slowing v the mix so that students (and I) deserve to hear the smoothness and also connected sounds.

How to Printing the mix Cards

The mix Cards come in a full-page PDF. Some also come in a pocket-chart size. We intentionally created the full-size cards so that teachers could use them in a selection of situations.

The cards are developed full web page for entirety group, but can be published 1/4 page for tiny groups. The pictures in this blog post areprinted 1/4 page and also have myfive-year-old’s hands. The cards space all black and also white for straightforward printing and copying.

For much more information ~ above How to print the mix Cards, click over to this post that defines how to print them in a selection of configurations.


Video around the blending Cards

Do you desire to see more? right here are the blending cards in action.

How to acquisition the blending Cards

The mix Cards are available as a finish BUNDLE and as separation, personal, instance sets. Click right here to acquisition them ~ above my web site. They space also available on teachers Pay Teachers. Purchase them all in a bundle to save money and also have them readily obtainable for you. Purchase the bundle conserves you 20% turn off purchasing each set individually.

Short collection CVC WordsNonsense CVC WordsDigraphs for brief VowelsDecodable vision WordsR Blends for quick VowelsS Blends & swarm for short VowelsL Blends & clusters & tw, the, quFinal Blends & ClustersVCE WordsLong & other Vowel DigraphsR-controlled Vowels
Other resources that Compliment the mix Cards

This past spring, I composed a collection of blog articles on at an early stage reading. Had in that collection are these posts:

After ns finished creating the blending Cards, I created a seriesof commodities thatutilize the very same segmenting and also blending processspecifically because that CVC words.

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We have likewise created Phonics Worksheets that make use of these mix cues. Check out the brief A Phonics Worksheets and also the quick I Worksheets. These worksheets have actually 18 various templates v over 140 usable pages per vowel.