Procedural, node based shader do to conveniently generate infinite variety of rock or cliffs.

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It"s using microdisplacement, no recommended for slower computers.

For numerous of my projects I required to usage rock textures, however it"s hard to find an excellent materials that complement what I require at the moment. With this it"s just a issue of few seconds to make shader that ns need.

You can add this generator to any kind of mesh friend like, even on a human being model.

Of course with microdisplacement that takes some time to render, but You have the right to use just bump node, or roasted textures the You need.

It"s totally procedural, so over there won"t be any repeting and also with seed value You deserve to generate limitless variations.

This Product includes 5 presets do to easily make rocks that You need.

Recommended only for Cycles, since Eevee go not support micro displacement. You have the right to bake textures to usage them in Eevee.

Created in blender 2.83, should work with any 2.8 version, won"t work with enlarge (2.79) versions.

Includes HDRI from

$10 - acquisition


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Sales 200+
Customer Ratings 4
Average Rating
Published about 1 year ago
Software Version 2.83, 2.9
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free

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