There is a loop you can run in the mothyards (earth patrol, head left). A captain will certainly spawn close to the enntrance gate to the lunar complex, and also a team of collapse will generate in 2 various caves together well. Those caves are likewise in the moth yards: one is in ~ the lunar complex entrance, and also there are 2 dregs the hide through the entrance of the cave; the various other is top top the ideal wall, jumping native a airplane wing right into the cave.

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In the mission Scourge of Winter (venus, the one through Draksis) there's a checkpoint right before a captain spawn you deserve to use. When you emerge from every the caves and first see the skiff, you deserve to run to the edge of the cliff and there's a captain walking around near the ramp come the ship. Snipe him, jump turn off cliff, repeat.

Just less initiative than running around in patrol, it's what I constantly used for the gunsmith weapons. Friend only have to do the start of the mission when too, as lengthy as girlfriend don't cause the following checkpoint you'll always load up in ~ the skiff every time you pick the mission native the director.

I walk to the mothyards, increase the wing into the cave. Then head come the height of the hill/ramps. Climate go earlier and forth. Gunsmith mission through a sniper rifle?

"fallen captains? Okay, I'll head come the mothyards and also farm the captain. Damn, somebody is already up there, They'll be done soon, I'll just wait mine turn"

5 minutes later

"Sweet, it's my turn."

8 captain kills later

DoucheMcDoucheFace is near

"Dude, avoid taking my captain kills!"

5 minute later


That provided to work, yet I think it has been nerfed. The captain in the cave doesn't spawn any type of more.

Also, i feel the 2 captains in forget Shore space much less complicated to obtain to - one in the ship and also one in the building at the top of the hill (Siege of the Warmind entrance).

Earth patrol, go to the left come mothyards, up top close to the entrance to the lunar facility is a collapse captain. Kill him, run into lunar complex, kill a couple of enemies wherein the hive and also fallen are fighting, return to mothyards and the captain is there again.

There's a lightpole through a tractor trailer container by it, if you stand on the water side of the post, the Captain and also Vandals respawn quite quickly. You have the right to snipe the Captain, then snipe or run down and also kill the Vandals, and also go ago to the shoot point. I think that takes a little less time, but you do miss out top top XP the you gain killing everything on the means to the Captain in the warehouse.

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There is in reality 3 that generate in the area - the 1 friend mentioned, 1 in the cave listed below that , and 1 cavern when you run up the plane wing simply past the path to the forget shore. You contend the weapon check in simply a couple of runs

I've heard Google is a great place. It's on Earth. ;)

(Sorry, I've constantly wanted to perform this)


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