There is a loop you can run in the mothyards (earth patrol, head left). A captain will spawn near the entrance to the lunar complex, and a group of fallen will spawn in 2 different caves as well. Those caves are also in the moth yards: one is beneath the lunar complex entrance, and there are 2 dregs that hide by the entrance of the cave; the other is on the right wall, jumping from a plane wing into the cave.

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In the mission Scourge of Winter (venus, the one with Draksis) there's a checkpoint right before a captain spawn you can use. When you emerge from all the caves and first see the skiff, you can run to the edge of the cliff and there's a captain walking around near the ramp to the ship. Snipe him, jump off cliff, repeat.

Just less effort than running around in patrol, it's what I always used for the gunsmith weapons. You only have to do the beginning of the mission once too, as long as you don't trigger the next checkpoint you'll always load up at the skiff every time you choose the mission from the director.

I go to the mothyards, up the wing into the cave. Then head to the top of the hill/ramps. Then go back and forth. Gunsmith mission with a sniper rifle?

"fallen captains? Okay, I'll head to the mothyards and farm the captain. Damn, somebody is already up there, They'll be done soon, I'll just wait my turn"

5 minutes later

"Sweet, it's my turn."

8 captain kills later

DoucheMcDoucheFace is near

"Dude, stop taking my captain kills!"

5 minutes later


That used to work, but I think it has been nerfed. The captain in the cave doesn't spawn any more.

Also, I feel the 2 captains in Forgotten Shore are much easier to get to - one in the ship and one in the building at the top of the hill (Siege of the Warmind entrance).

Earth patrol, go to the left to mothyards, up top near the entrance to the lunar complex is a fallen captain. Kill him, run into lunar complex, kill a few enemies where the hive and fallen are fighting, return to mothyards and the captain is there again.

There's a lightpole with a tractor trailer container by it, if you stand on the water side of the post, the Captain and Vandals respawn pretty quickly. You can snipe the Captain, then snipe or run down and kill the Vandals, and go back to the firing point. I think it takes a little less time, but you do miss out on XP that you get killing everything on the way to the Captain in the warehouse.

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There is actually 3 that spawn in that area - the 1 you mentioned, 1 in the cave below that , and 1 cave when you run up the plane wing just past the path to the forgotten shore. You compete the weapon test in just a few runs

I've heard Google is a good place. It's on Earth. ;)

(Sorry, I've always wanted to do this)


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