One the the most embarrassing things about being a guy is the horrid things your hair will carry out to you. It transforms colors, it drops out in clumps, and also it grows in humiliating places. While the isn’t too complicated to run a safety and security razor over your face and back, or acquire an electric razor come trim far embarrassing growth, when it pertains to your ear and also nose, just a set of committed ear and nose hair trimmers will do. They space made to reduced hair without leading to irritating or slashing these perceptible areas and causing horrific infections.

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Ear and also nasal hair can be troublesome, however they are still important for keeping detritus indigenous entering her sinus cavities, i beg your pardon can aid prevent condition and exacerbate health problems. Keeping that in mind, you don’t want one that is walk to reduced to the fast or to the skin. This isn’t supposed to be a right razor shave, but rather a hygienic clip i m sorry looks good but doesn’t totally ruin the duty of your body’s organic defenses. So that you look clean without harming yourself in the process, we uncovered the 8 finest nose hair trimmers.


Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex clean System

Pro: No feeling of cutting or pullingCon: Breakdowns space common

Clean Sweep: many trimmers on the market still look choose Dr. Who’s sonic screwdriver, i beg your pardon isn’t necessarily the finest build for going right into your ears and also nose. The upswept, curved do of the ER-GN30 provides it one ergonomic leaf that provides it less complicated to acquire to the surprise hairs comfortably, and get far better visibility while you trim. Switching modes from wet come dry, cleaning it out, and reassembling it room all taken on through straightforward twists and also turns the are never ever confusing.

Purchase: $11


Conair All-in-One Trimmer

Pro: full cordless to organize setCon: discovering to adjust trimmer head bring away time and effort

Groomsman: This is primarily a moustache trimmer for getting your sideburns under control, maintaining your moustache in check, or taking care of your eyebrows. We’ve also found that amongst the all-in-one organize systems, this had the most impressive sleep hair trimmer attachment. It will take part time to get used to swapping the end pieces and parts, because the top don’t just snap on and off, however if you’re trying to find one trimmer to do it every cordlessly, easily, and also effectively, climate you’d be a fool to salary more.

Purchase: $12


ToiletTree heavy Duty Steel nose Trimmer

Pro: extremely easy come cleanCon: often tends to obtain hot throughout use

Bright Idea: even using the vanity lights over her bathroom mirror, your sleep is a dark cavern that is hard to watch into. Utilizing this hefty duty trimmer from ToiletTree with its enclosed LED penlight, you’ll never must tilt her head every which method to find the hair that have to be cut. The human body is do of stainless steel, no plastic, which enhances their longevity and also helps do them totally waterproof for use in the shower.

Purchase: $18


Panasonic ER430K Vacuum clean System

Pro: Comfortable, ergonomic gripCon: huge body is bulky and unwieldy

Suck Up: once trimming your an individual hair, it needs to go somewhere, and you could end up resulting in a sneezing to the right or sinus wake up if you aren’t careful. Using a suck system similar to a small robot vacuum, the ER430K it s okay rid the the cut follicles for this reason they don’t aggravate her breathing or irritate your skin. The curved, hypoallergenic knives are placed at a 60-degree angle to record the most stubborn hairs and cut the brush back, leaving you feeling clean with every use.

Purchase: $19


Groom mate Platinum XL

Pro: life time unconditional warrantyCon: Is a completely manual device

Travel Companion: There’s no such thing as a sleep hair trimmer the is too big to be taken on a trip, yet for miscellaneous you can tuck into your shaving kit, the Platinum XL is a fire-and-forget model. Completely made of stainless steel it won’t rust or corrode, also if forget for long periods of time. It’s totally battery free, working rather with a hand-operated cutting activity that is straightforward to accomplish and walk a serviceable task of trimming undesirable hair in your nose and ear. The is a little more time spend than electrical models, but likewise apocalypse friendly for grooming after ~ the fall.

Purchase: $19


Philips Norelco NT9130/40 NoseTrimmer 5100

Pro: Rubberized grip surrounds manage for superb gripCon: Operates in ~ an azer angle

Artful Arch: using a chromium blade that has been fine ground to near perfection placed on the finish of an ergonomic head the sweeps backwards come accommodate every nostril, this is a device worth that is salt. Around the tongue is a skin guard particularly made to enable the sharp chisels to clean hair there is no nicking the fragile places just inside your nose. It never ever pulls or aggravates the site where it is used, so friend won’t have to follow it up through an aftershave to soothe your savage flesh.

Purchase: $34


Remington NE3560 Mens Touch increase Groomer

Pro: powerful motorCon: Clogs quickly without continuous cleaning

Poetry in Motion: there honestly isn’t a an excellent deal of difference in your conventional nose hair trimmers. They occupational with a rotate blade collection in the center that chops off any kind of hair it come in contact with. If friend are exhausted of this staid prospects and also ready because that true elegance, then the NE3560 is a revelation. Using 2 opposing trimming heads like a hedge trimmer the tip is delicate, but it works conveniently on the densest hair without the little tug. With a chrome and black body that comes with other grooming attachments, Remington’s trimmer is one you won’t mind her overnight guest seeing.

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Purchase: $40


Creation Springs Wet/Dry Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Pro: Comes through stand, LED light, and also trimmerCon: Expensive

Workhorse: The brushed aluminum external with its terrific water resistance is simply the pretty packaging. Once you rotate it on, you’ll be able to feel the distinction in the power of the motor as it churns along, feeling choose much an ext than a basic trimmer. Using few of the sharpest rotary chisels we’ve ever before encountered, this hacks v your thicket of brush cleanly and quickly, reducing the moment spent searching down wayward hairs and covering old ground. That is true salon grade and also intended for use by professionals, but any kind of amateur have the right to appreciate the results.