Hey guys and gals. Ns hear almost everywhere that fish oil is among the best supplements come be acquisition for anti inflammatory/omega 3/ love health/ blah blah blah.

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Noone ever before seems to incorporate dosage through the recommendation. I have heard part wildly different answers indigenous different human being (70sbig, robb wolfe, liftbig eat big, us-fda, the brand on the bottle, etc). None of the dosages space consistant. Therefore my question is, how much carry out you take and also why carry out you take it that certain dosage?

Much Thanks

Edit - many thanks for every the good responses. Looks favor I have actually been top top the low side of mine omega 3 entry (around 2 grams per day). I think I will be investing in the liquid, since I don't want to take 12-15 the those steed pills a day.


like the other guys said, you must be acquiring 3-5 grams of OMEGA-3 a day. Much less if you stay away from inflammation foods, sources of omega-6, and eat lots of fish. Much more if girlfriend eat the stuff. For this reason you'll view shit that's gained like 1.2 grams the "fish oil" yet only 300mg of omega-3. That's what you have to pay attention to. EPA and also DHA space both omega-3's. Ideally friend want around a 2:1 proportion of EPA come DHA.

I use Sam's club triple strength which has 1.4 g that "fish oil" (pretty lot meaningless) per cap. That does, however, have actually 900mg of omega-3 fatty acids comprised of 647mg EPA and 253mg DHA. Great enough for me and the cheapest choice I deserve to find. I acquire a bottle of 150 caps for like $18 i think. For this reason 37.5 days precious of 3.6g omega 3 a day.

Just to emphasize the point here - it's not around how much fish oil girlfriend take, it's about how much omega 3 friend take. Fish oil capsules vary in omega 3 concentration. Generally, cheaper fish oil is walk to have actually less omega 3 per capsule.

So, just be sure that you're getting the lot of omega 3 girlfriend need and not just counting capsules.

From Whole9

"Q: just how much fish oil should I take?

A: Our basic recommendations space to target for about 2-4 grams that EPA/DHA every day. However, if you eat several wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef and other organic sources the omega-3 fatty acids, and generally avoid sources that omega-6 (like vegetables oils, factory-farmed meat, nuts and also seeds), you may not need any type of fish oil supplementation in ~ all."

This is a great rule of thumb. I take the fluid straight.

3-5 grams most capsules that ns come throughout are ~ above the stimulate of 300-350 miligrams for this reason you have to take 9-15 that these certain capsules to hit your goal. 3-5 grams is well-known as the effective dosage where as the fda provides you part bullshit "recommended" daily dosage

I don't count. I always have a party at home and at work.

I simply pop them prefer candy whenever I'm at my desk or playing video clip games. I just stuffed 900mg of O3 in mine stomach as I typed this up.

Edit: 1200

Most of the literary works I have seen has actually athletes taking in between 2 and also 6 grams daily. That is fish oil, not active ingredients. And also results native the literature are rather mixed.

Based ~ above this, I normally take between 4 and also 6 capsules daily. I usage the Costco or Sam's brand.

Anybody know around brands that aren't contaminated with hefty metals? I'm really curious about a fish oil capsule that meets the requirements for omega-3 and also is additionally not contaminated, since that facet seems to be disputed less.

What makes you think fish oil is contaminated with heavy metals?

If you're worried about mercury don't be. It just binds to proteins, no fats.

I take 10 caps of my 300/150 a day. Gets annoying yet the twin strength caps are way more expensive.

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It's Natures own brand and it's regularly on special at Woolworths (Aus).

I've watched some crossfitter's get into mad throwdowns end brands and also qualities that fish oil . . . Simply don't ever ask about Norwegian cod Liver oil vs constant fish oil LOL

From webmd:

"Some men worry that taking flaxseed oil can increase their chance of gaining prostate cancer due to the fact that of the alpha-linolenic mountain that flaxseed oil contains. Researchers space still make the efforts to figure out the duty of alpha-linolenic acid in prostate cancer. Some studies indicate that alpha-linolenic acid may boost risk or do existing prostate cancer worse, but other studies discover no connection. Nevertheless, the alpha-linolenic mountain in flaxseed oil no seem to it is in a problem. Alpha-linolenic acid from plant sources, such together flaxseed, does no seem to impact prostate cancer risk, return alpha-linolenic mountain from dairy and also meat sources has been attached in some researches with prostate cancer."