Medically reviewed by Meredith Wallis, M.S., CNM, ANP — Written by Catherine Crider — Updated on March 18, 2021

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Your baby might love a tall bottle or warm milk — yet what execute you do via those bottles of liquid gold when you’re at work-related or on the go?

Breast milk and also formula shouldn’t be left at room temperature for incredibly lengthy, which have the right to current a difficulty if you aren’t near a fridge.

Whether you’re planning a longer trip or simply desire to pack some backup supplies for a day out via your bit one, you might be worried exactly how you’re going to store their breast milk or formula cold. This is wbelow a bottle cooler comes in handy!

A excellent baby bottle cooler can keep your baby’s food cold for hrs, offering you the chance to take a trip and also still save your baby fed. They’re a basic way to move milk on trips, save breast milk in your office after pumping, or carry along in your stroller on walks.

With so many alternatives, you’ll desire to carefully consider what cooler provides the many feeling for you. This means reasoning about:

Bag size. If you require your cooler bag to fit into a specific room for travel or storage, you’ll want to take this into consideration. You’ll also desire a bottle cooler that is significant sufficient to move the amount of milk you arrangement to lug. Will you be going on numerous long trips or carry out you simply must transfer a few bottles to daycare?Coldness. You’ll want a bottle cooler that is well insulated and also will continue to be cold for lengthy durations of time. You’ll also desire to inspect whether it comes via a specially fitted ice fill or just how it stays cold.Cleaning. Spilled milk deserve to occur, particularly once bottles are bouncing approximately during transit. How straightforward is the bottle cooler to save clean?Carrying options. Since one of the major objectives for utilizing a bottle cooler is delivering bottles, you’ll want a bag that’s simple for you to lug. Does the bag have actually a take care of, shoulder strap, both? Can it fit on a stroller?Extra storage. While not the many necessary function, it might be helpful if the bottle cooler includes some extra storage area for your keys, wallet, or various other individual items. The fewer bags and also individual items you need to carry, the less complicated it will certainly be to save track of everything.Layout.

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Not a requirement, but for some people this have the right to be what sets one bag above an additional.

In addition to picking coolers that were in line with the over criteria, we thought about references from mother friends and also reviews — both positive and negative.