So you’re thinking about getting a ship tuck. Are you hope to achieve a flatter, firmer belly, obtain a much more hourglass-like shape, or rid you yourself of loosened skin? A ship tuck can indeed accomplish all of this goals.

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Of course, you likewise want your new shape to look beautiful and also natural—and that takes much more than just removing excess skin and tightening muscles. Yes one look at small part of the procedure that will certainly greatly impact the in its entirety appearance of your results: the ship button.

That’s because the navel is front and center, and often the first thing people notification when looking at your midriff. It’s especially important if your tummy tuck goals include feeling i was sure wearing a bikini…and not having actually people be able to instantly detect you’ve had actually the procedure after healing is complete.

Achieving a herbal looking belly switch after tummy tuck surgical procedure is so vital that our Inland cosmetics surgeons execute “designer” belly button reshaping through each procedure, carefully shaping your belly button to best flatter your distinct proportions.

A belly button that is too large and round, stretched and also slit-like, or positioned as well high or too low on the abdomen space tell-tale indicators of ship tuck surgery—that’s why, at Inland Cosmetic, we encompass the “Inland Innie” designer belly switch reshaping v every abdominoplasty.

If you considering a ship tuck, it’s worth a minute of your time to read on and also learn just exactly how much that a difference a beautiful belly switch can make for you.

How the belly switch separates a decent tummy tuck from a beautiful ship tuck

The belly switch is the many distinctive and central feature of a pretty looking abdomen. The can likewise be a giveaway the a previous ship tuck if no approached kind by the cosmetic surgeon. Because that instance, a belly button that is too huge and round, stretched and slit-like, or positioned also high or as well low top top the abdomen space tell-tale indications of ship tuck surgery—not the result most patients wish to have actually when showing off their rejuvenated body.

Understanding the prestige of the belly button is one element that differentiate true tummy tuck specialists from the rest. Over there is no one single belly button shape or dimension that works for every patient, and a professional cosmetic surgeon will customize their method to create a naval the looks most herbal with a patient’s torso length, shape, and size, and that ideal meets their preferred belly switch shape.

Our Inland cosmetic surgeons are so passionate about creating beautiful ship buttons that we’ve arisen our own technique, dubbed the Inland Innie.


What go the “Inland Innie” look like?

In general, patients desire an “innie” ship button. For the cosmetic surgeon, achieving this method ensuring (and regularly adding) a organic depth come the naval, with a nice, smooth envelope that skin above it. Our goal is to provide our patients the many natural-looking belly switch for their body through minimal scarring, so that no one have the right to tell that they had it done.

There is a many finesse the goes into making one aesthetically pleasing ship button. The cosmetics surgeon must determine and also remove exactly the best amount of tissue—even a tiny amount too much or too small can diminish the result. Suture placement is also essential come a herbal result; there have to be no detectable evidence of sutures even after they space removed.

Making sure your new belly switch heals beautifully

Step one is selecting an proficient cosmetic surgeon with a call for creating natural looking belly buttons, and also whose tummy tuck results you love. Action two is taking excellent care of your results to ensure optimal healing. An initial and foremost, follow her cosmetic surgeons’ aftercare instructions to the letter. Because that our ship tuck patients, this includes keeping the area clean and dry and also applying antibiotic ointment for number of days.

Don’t stick marbles (or something else) in her belly button while the healing

While us sometimes have actually a patient use a soft rubber ring or belly switch marble after ship tuck review to assist maintain shape in situations where over there is extreme scarring or contracture come repair, this is other you should leave approximately your surgeon! Don’t shot this “trick” on her own based upon what you review on the internet. In fact, place a foreign object in your belly switch can increase risk of infection and also irritate heal incisions, both that which can ruin your end result. In most procedures, her tummy tuck surgeon’s skill and method should be enough to create a beautiful, round “innie” belly button; no marble or other maker should it is in necessary.

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Learn much more about the Inland Innie and also tummy tuck surgical treatment at a an individual consultation

Our Rancho Cucamonga ship tuck patients tell united state they love your Inland Innie ship buttons, a compliment we require to heart together we know this method they space confident showing off their new body shape. If you want to gain back a tighter, slimmer tummy and feel more confident in a swimsuit or midriff baring top, our skilled cosmetic surgeons can assist you attain your goals. Contact 909-987-0899 or contact us currently to gain started.