The norseman æsir gods had pet helpers, yet did anyone of them have a bear? have actually bears been uncovered in graves, choose dogs and horses et cetera? room there vikings illustration of bears?

Some Norse warriors were called berserks due to the fact that they wore the hair of bears. And also fur from bear was crucial export good.

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Is it shed in the tradition since there never ever were any kind of bears top top Iceland?And lacking from archaeology due to the fact that one couldn"t sacrifice a wild animal that one doesn"t own.

But when the wolf was an as dangerous animal, it was semi-domesticated and Odin own wolves. Am i just missing alot of references to bears in Asgard, or go the bear have actually a different kind of role to beat than other animals?


You raise a really good point. It is strange that there space no bear in vikings myth. The wolf seems to have actually really engaged them, perhaps because of the duality the wolf/dog, tame and wild, when the bear to them was completely wild.

I wonder if
LocalFluff isn"t on to something, because berserks were viewed as totally outside society, too unpredicatable and also dangerous to have around. (In Egils saga Skallgrim kills a servant as soon as the berserker fury descends ~ above him, and almost kills his son.) A wolf could become a dog, yet you can"t tame a bear and also put the to use or have actually it as a pet.

By the method there to be a sort of berserkers, ulfhednar, that turned into wolves, although you don"t hear for this reason much about them.

PS - The Lewis chessmen encompass berserks, biting their shields.

Bears perform not attribute much in norse, at least when it comes to the stories involving the gods. The one story I deserve to think that which even mentions castle is how Gleipnir, the chain that fettered Fenrir, to be made: one ingredient to be the "sinews that a bear", along with several more terrific items, such together the breath the a fish.

However, castle do show up in other stories: in the story the Hrólf Kraki, the hero Bödvar Bjarki (the norse version of Beowulf) is asleep during a good battle, yet it transforms out that there is a great bear fighting in his stead. Once he is woken up, the bear disappears. This is told in the Bjarkamál.

As for art, the just thing I have the right to think that is some Vendel era metalwork, which contains what looks choose a bear-man:



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