derekwadsworth.comaseOn 15 Jul 1938, long-existing tension between Japan and the Soviet Union regarding borders in Northeastern China to be tested. On the day, Japanese diplomats in Moscow, Russia demanded that Soviet troops be gotten rid of from Bezymyannaya (Shachaofeng in Chinese) and Zaozernaya (Changkufeng in Chinese), west the Lake Khasan and also Vladivostok. The demand was rejected. Believing that the Soviet Union to be occupying Manchukuo (Japanese puppet kingdom in Northeastern China) territory in violation the the an initial Convention that Peking that 1860, ~ above 29 Jul 1938 Japanese troops relocated in come the region, yet was driven back by Soviet troops. Top top 31 Jul, a bigger force included the Japanese 19th department and Manchukuo units assaulted again, defeating the fortified Soviet 39th Rifle Corps during a night battle. Between 2 and also 9 Aug, Soviet reinforcements arrived, and drove out the Japanese as soon as again. Despite tensions stayed high, no additional actions broke out after 11 Aug. In this series of engagements, 717 Soviet troops were killed, 75 were missing, and 2,752 were wounded. ~ above the Japanese and also Manchukuo side, 526 to be killed and 916 to be wounded.

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derekwadsworth.comaseIn China, this event was additionally known together the Changkufeng Incident; in Japan, it was also known as the same, though pronunced Chokoho Incident.

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Battle that Lake Khasan Timeline

14 Jul 1938 Japanese diplomats in Moscow, Russia demanded the Russian troops be eliminated from Bezymyannaya (Shachaofeng) and also Zaozernaya (Changkufeng), west of Lake Khasan and Vladivostok in a contested region on the northeastern Chinese border. The Soviets rejected Japanese demands, citing Japanese violation the the very first Convention the Peking the 1860 by occupying Chinese territory.
29 Jul 1938 Japanese and Russian troops clashed on the border an ar between Manchukuo and Russia, beginning the fight of Lake Khasan.
31 Jul 1938 Japanese 19th division and Manchukuo puppet units defeated the Soviet 39th Rifle Corps during a night battle during the battle of Lake Khasan.
2 Aug 1938 Soviet reinforcements come in the Lake Khasan region where Soviet and also Japanese troops had involved in fight for the couple of days.
9 Aug 1938 Soviet troops drive Japanese the end of the Lake Khasan region on the northeastern Chinese border.
11 Aug 1938 The battle of Lake Khasan finished indecisively. During this battle, 717 Soviet troops were killed, 75 to be missing, and also 2,752 were wounded. 526 Japanese and also Manchukuo troops to be killed and also 916 to be wounded.

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