In ancient Chinese history, there to be two renowned battles the Chencang. The very first occurred during the Chu-Han War, i m sorry is the acquainted "Mingxiu plank road, dark Chencang". In ~ that

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In ancient Chinese history, there to be two renowned battles of Chencang. The first occurred during the Chu-Han War, i m sorry is the familiar "Mingxiu plank road, dark Chencang". At that time, Liu Bang offered Han Xin"s strategy come "build plank roads in the Ming and also Chen Cang in secret" to win by surprised from a little road, beating Zhang Han and others, and also seizing Guanzhong, laying the structure for Liu Bang to fight because that the world. The 2nd Chencang fight took place during the 3 Kingdoms period. The battle of Chen Cang to be a fight between Zhuge Liang that Shu Han and Cao Wei throughout the 2nd Northern exploration in 229 AD. Wei Jiang Hao Zhao resisted Zhuge Liang"s 10s of thousands of troops with more than a thousands soldiers. The two sides combated for more than 20 days. Zhuge Liang had actually nothing to break and took the chance to retreat due to the lack of food. The is to say, in the fight of Chen Cang, the Shu Han side populated the superiority in military strength, but failed to attain the last victory. So, the concern is, why Zhuge Liang led 10s of thousands of troops in the battle of Chen Cang, yet couldn"t strike a city guarded by a thousands people.


an initial of all, in the novel "The romance of the 3 Kingdoms", the battle of Chen Cang is in the 97th episode of "Discussing Wei Guowuhou and also then break Cao Bing and also Jiang Wei"s deception book". Zhuge Liang assaulted Hao Zhaosan with 300,000 soldiers. Chen Cang guarded by thousands of people. Of course, Luo Guanzhong"s "The romance of the three Kingdoms" often exaggerates the toughness of the three kingdoms the Wei, Shu and also Wu. According to historical records such together "Three Kingdoms", in the battle of Chen Cang, the prime minister of the Shu Han dynasty Zhuge Liang led tens of hundreds of troops. ~ all, during the three Kingdoms period, the Shu Han had a total of just 10 troops, and at most tens of thousands of soldiers and horses might be invest in the north Expedition. Up.

corresponds to this, the Cao Wei general Hao Zhao that guards the city that Chen Cang has actually only around 1,000 in his hand. In December 228, Zhuge Liang led an army from Sanguan come surround Chen Cang. In the beginning, Zhuge Liang go not attack the city immediately, but very first sent world to persuade Hao Zhao to surrender. After all, there was a vast disparity in army strength. Zhuge Liang believed that Hao Zhao can know the current affairs. However, what Kong Ming didn"t expect was the Hao Zhao vowed to die.



So, through the start of ad 229, Zhuge Liang formally assaulted the city. However, after much more than 20 job of offensive and defensive day and night, Zhuge Liang to be still unable to break v the Chencang guarded by Hao Zhao. The factors are mainly split into the adhering to points. Top top the one hand, Sima Guang videotaped in the Zizhi Tongjian: "Cao Zhen request Anding and also other 3 counties, and all were leveled. Zhuge Liang was really punished by Qishan, and then he would go the end of Chencang, for this reason that basic Hao Zhao and also others guarded Chencang and also ruled him. City.”

the is, after ~ Zhugeliang"s first Northern Expedition, Cao Zhen led the army to stabilize the 3 counties that had actually surrendered come the Shu Han before. Cao Zhen also guessed the Zhuge Liang would certainly go come Qishan and also attack Chencang throughout the next Northern Expedition, so Hao Zhao The general developed Chencang city and also prepared the tools to defend the city. As the speak goes, everything is predicated, and also everything is not predicated. It is since of the preparations that Hao Zhao, who has only a thousands troops, dared to hold on come the city of Chencang and also successfully stood up to the day and also night strikes of Zhuge Liang"s tens of thousands of troops.



In the fight of Chencang, the Shu army set up a ladder, and the ladder burned, and everyone on the ladder was burned to death. Hao Zhao used a rope come grind the rock and hurled the assault car that the Han army, which was destroyed. . Zhuge Liang dug a tunnel again, and also wanted to go into the city from the tunnel, Hao Zhao dug a horizontal tunnel inside the city come intercept it. Hao Zhao had currently dealt v Zhuge Liang"s siege methods and also methods, and thus addressed the opponent"s attack one through one. It"s choose two martial arts masters making a move. Zhuge Liang"s relocate was already in Hao Zhao"s expectation. Naturally, soldiers concerned stop and also the water involved cover.

~ above the various other hand, Zeng Guofan, a famed official that the Qing Dynasty, thought that Zhuge Liang"s fight of Chencang to be the same as sunlight Quan"s fight of Hefei, since the factors for the fail of the fight of Hefei to be both the reasons for the at an early stage anger and also the steady exhaustion. In the battle of Chen Cang, Zhuge Liang"s 10s of thousands of troops were vigorous in ~ first, yet Zhuge Liang did not immediately strike the city, but sent civilization to sway Hao Zhao to surrender, i m sorry undoubtedly gave the adversary time to prepare. In other words, if Kong Ming urged his anger, perhaps the result would change.



Finally, the grain difficulty is also an important reason for Zhuge Liang"s failure to success Chen Cang. Throughout the fight of Chen Cang, Cao Wei sent among the five finest generals, Zhang Yun, to assistance Hao Zhao. As a result, Zhang Xi go on the roadway day and also night, but prior to he arrived, Zhuge Liang had run out of food and also led his troops back. Because of the food problem, Zhuge Liang’s really siege time, Only around a month. If over there is sufficient food and grass, Zhuge Liang"s tens of thousands of troops will have actually a opportunity to win the Chencang. Of course, even if there is sufficient food and grass, Cao Wei"s army will no sit back and clock Zhuge Liang continue to surround Chen Cang. In the paper definition of the substantial gap between the strength of the Shu Han and Cao Wei, Zhuge Liang, the element minister that the Shu Han, might only do a rapid fight and also could not stay in Chencang because that a long time.

However, return Chen Cang failed to success the battlefield of the military, Zhuge Liang still killed the chasing basic Cao Wei Wang Shuang, the is come say, the was not for nothing. In addition, the battle of Chencang throughout the 3 Kingdoms period was the first record of the use of one ignition arrowhead in Chinese history.

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The record of this war also became the very first time the Chinese word "rocket" showed up in history.