The battle of Carteneau happened 5 years before the present time (FFXIV: ARR) and also was the biggest event in FFXIV 1.0. The event marked the end of the 6th Astral Era and changed the world. The following defines the events leading as much as the battle and also the battle itself.The Garlean Empire, a technologically advanced nation from the much north the Eorzea is seeking to take over the entirety of Eorzea and also its resources. They start building up huge armies and also preparing to attack Eorzea. Nael valve Darnus, the commander of the VIIth imperial Legion has actually a arrangement to carry about great devastation to the realm and begins the Meteor project.The Meteor project entails using ancient technology in order to carry down what was assumed to it is in a moon - Dalamud. It transforms out this was no a moon after ~ all, yet a maker that was launched into orbit by an ancient civilization countless years earlier to lock up the elder primal Bahamut. Nael van Darnus is seek to use Bahamut"s strength in his plans.The Grand providers of Eorzea realise what is happening and also decide to placed aside their differences and join forces in stimulate to prevent the plot. They eventually face Nael van Darnus on the floating islands of Rivenroad and defeat him, however it is as well late. Dalamud is tho descending. This is once they turn to Louisoix.Louisoix is a scholar native Sharlayan and he comes up through a plan to summon the power of the Twelve to send Dalamud earlier where the belongs. The Twelve room the guardian deities of Eorzea and hold tremendous power. This has to be performed straight under the influence site that Dalamud, i m sorry is calculated to be in ~ Carteneau in Mor Dhona.The Grand providers ready your forces and send them to the site. What the alliance didn"t understand is the the VIIth royal Legion had also been massing troops in the area. And so the battle of Carteneau begins.
The two sides start a huge battle with neither side looking choose it will win in a hurry. Over there is no time for success however, Dalamud is about to come down. The moon release a giant vital to the facility of the battle field and also its external shell starts crumbling. The elder primal Bahamut emerges from what was in reality a prison fairly than a moon, and also he starts to take it revenge.After gift locked up for countless years Bahamut is angry and unleashes his full power ~ above the realm of Eorzea. That burns huge parts of the human being with fire and destruction. Louisoix and also the Eorzean alliance realise the they have to stop the so they summon the strength of the Twelve in efforts to place him into a new prison. This is your last possibility to conserve the realm, and it fails. Bahamut is too solid to it is in contained.There is only one choice left and this is to summon the strength of Althyk that is the god of room and time. Althyk sends the enduring heroes into an aetherial rift wherein they continue to be for the next 5 years. It is not recognized what taken place to Louisoix however it is assumed that he perished in stimulate to save the alliance.The end of one Era trailer, showing the battle as that happened.The Eorzean Alliance emerge into a kingdom reborn.

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