Set the tone of her room indigenous the walls out. Mix and match yourfavorite arts prints top top a gallery wall surface showcasing whatever that makesyour layout unique. Arts prints are easily accessible in five sizes, native x-small tox-large.

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Natural white, matte, ultra smooth background

100% cotton, acid and also lignin-free archival paper/n- practice trimmed through border because that framing; 1" because that x-small and also small, 2" for all larger sizes

Every bespeak is custom made simply for you

All sizes provided are overall paper dimensions including the white border

Exact sizing may vary slightly as result of printing process, we recommend waiting come buy frames till theprints arrive.

Product Note: color variations between on-site previews, her screen and also printed artwork mayoccur.


Shipping & Returns

SHIPPING:Items are made to order and also typically ship within 3-4business days.Click below for much more information around delivery options.

RETURNS:Return requests have the right to be made within 60 days of youritem(s) delivery.Click here for an ext information on returns.


Questions & Answers

Q: When need to I purchase frames?

A: due to the fact that sizing have the right to be off by fractions of an inch based on the fileprovided by the artist, we recommend waiting to get your artprint prior to purchasing frames.


This Artwork
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Joined on Jan 1, 1970

Joined on Jan 1, 1970.  Read less

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