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Dave White from Indianapolis Mariah has great vocal an abilities and presents it s her in a sensual fashion. Thanks for the memories.Bethany Ellis native Blacksburg, VaI love that song it’s my wedding tune if you song we belong with each other me and also Joshua will belong come the family and also I will certainly be joshuas wife.Dent indigenous UgandaIt"s an emotionally song, yes, really goodEmmy indigenous Bellville, OnSaddest Mariah Carey tune ever.Kelsey native Sandusky, Ohmariah carey is just one of my favorite singers specifically the track we belonging togetherLamarr from new Castle, PaMariah Carey is awesome,the song has so lot meaningZack from brand-new Castle, united Kingdomthis songs anthem stand the check of time. A lover who went away, arranged marriage and a runaway bride yep deffintley a classic yet it does show that you must follow your heart in life in marry the human that loves girlfriend no issue what anyone saysMary from new Castle, Paits a an extremely cute songggg! girls feel prefer this once their bf division up v them!Ally from new Castle, Pasike. This tune is about heart break and also how mariah believes that her and her ex belong together and also not split apart.Eric native Los Angeles, Nvyeah...sing it come me cha" back.....ain"t as well proud to beg,,,,Courtney indigenous Salt Lake City, UtWow...I can totally relate to this song right now. My heart mate (so i thought) is getting married in a month and when the told me the news I simply cried and also cried. I have been fighting to victory him earlier for four years now (I did rest his heart and that"s my biggest regret in life.) Anyway, I execute relate and also obviously that"s a key reason why i love the song. Probably on his wedding work I need to go and also see if he comes "running" out in the group to me prefer Mariah did in the music video?Marine from Stanton, American Samoathis tune is okMichaela native Brooklyn, NyCome ~ above guys!don"t you every aree through me the her song "Don"t Forget about Us"Is better?yeah the is!Elmer from Honolulu, Hithe best song that 2005....Lisa from ft Worth, Txawesome song for me in karaoke.....all mariahs songs room greatKaty native Portland, OrI love this song. That is a really romantic, nice tune to song to your ex. This explains me and this one boy. Sometimes I acquire emotional as soon as I song it and also start to long for his company again but I know I can"t have actually him. For this reason songs favor this and other persons by Mariah Carey, like, "can"t live if life is without you" help me do it through. I likewise like "all I"ve ever wanted". Brittany from Sierra Vista, Azthis tune was me and my ex boy friends songSpencer from West Milford, NjMariah Carey is awesomeSpencer from West Milford, NjShes soo plastic....but i love the songCharlette indigenous Budapest, HungaryMariah Carey isn"t just a biggest singer, she"s a an excellent songwriter/lyricist.Mark from Makati City, OtherThis alone will make Mariah THE artist to beat because that the coveted Artist that the decade award.Reese from Calgary, CanadaI don"t care how plenty of times i hear this song, I never ever get worn down of it! It"s just such a beautiful song. As soon as I was date my boyfriend-at-the-time, she inquiry me "so carry out you men sing this track to eachother?" and I"m similar to "Uh, NO! This a split song...not a "while-were-together" song, duh!" and also she just shut best up, lolSloba indigenous Hamilton, Canadawe belong with each other is an remarkable song!! she definetly has the biggest comeback of all time!! shes already tied Elvis Presly v 17 #1 hits and for certain will to win the Beattle with 20. Once she beats them, she willl b at the height for a good 20 years. The mimi album is amazing especially we belonging together and also dont forget about us. Ns love friend mariah xoxoxoxRandi native Irvine, KyThis track is yes, really good. I can"t tell you how plenty of times a Mariah Carrey song has helped me with somethingSebastian native Providence, RiMimi is the best!! she"s sexy, cute and also she to know what she is doing!! daniel from Richmond, KyI love this simply makes me think of favor all the memories that me and also my boyfriend has had, it deserve to be boring at times.. Yet i love the (good job)Marylyn indigenous Lilburn, GaMe and my boyfriend just broke up and I am listening come this song 24/7, It makes me think of things that we"ve excellent together..Morena from UmagThis tune is great.I am listening it right now due to the fact that it reminds on my boyfriend,this is our song!Aaron native Mississauga, CanadaThis is certainly Mariah"s huge comeback single. After enduring a failure in 2001, she still made an impressive comeback. This was she 16th #1! good 4 u, Mariah. U have actually prevailed!see much more comments

Pitbull only raps for about a minute top top "Timber." Kesha does many of the work.

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ContagiousThe Isley brothers

The Isley Brother"s song, "Contagious," peaked in ~ #19 on the Billboard warm 100. This expected that the tape of brothers ended up being the very first group come score a height 50 hit in 6 consecutive decades on the chart.

Love the way You LieEminem

In 2010, the biggest-selling tune in the UK to be "Love the way You Lie" through Eminem.

Dance room DaysWang Chung

Wang Chung"s "80s standard "Dance room Days" is around how things can start simple but finish up complex. An initial you "take her baby by the hand," yet by the finish she has actually an amethyst in she mouth.

Love BitesDef Leppard

At the end of "Love Bites" through Def Leppard, there space some vocals that are tough to understand. It was rumored the they were: "Jesus that Nazareth, go to Hell." the is actually producer Mutt Lange speak "Yes the does, Bloody Hell," through a special British accent.

Talkin" Hawkin"Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd"s "Talkin" Hawkin"" uses a sample of Stephen Hawking"s synthesized voice taken indigenous a speech he created a 1994 brothers Telecom commercial.

Gary Louris of The JayhawksSongwriter Interviews

The Jayhawks" track "Big Star" has special definition to Gary, who describes how longevity and also inspiration have trumped adulation.

Philip CodySongwriter Interviews

A talented lyricist, Philip aided revive Neil Sedaka"s career v the words to "Laughter In The Rain" and also "Bad Blood."

chris IsaakSongwriter Interviews

Chris tells the story of "Wicked Game," talks milkshakes and moonpies at sun Records, and explains why women constantly get your way.

Jesus think You"re a Jerk: rock vs. TelevangelistsSong composing

When televangelists choose Jimmy Swaggart took on rockers prefer Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica, the rockers retaliated. Bono can even be viewed mocking the preachers.

Verdine White the Earth, Wind & FireSongwriter Interviews

The longtime bassist that Earth, Wind & Fire discusses exactly how his band pertained to do a vacation album, and also offers insight into some of the biggest dance/soul melody of all-time.

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small RichardFact or Fiction

Was long Tall Sally a cross-dresser? Did the really set his piano top top fire? view if you recognize the real stories around one of rock"s biggest innovators.