Decorate her table v a vacation tradition, this 6.5" snow globe attributes a majestic Nutcracker and also plays the Nutcracker Suite.

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Overall: 8.5'' H x 6.5'' W x 6.5'' DOverall Product Weight: 3.4lb.

The Snowmen alarm Clock layout Snow globe is mainly made the acrylic plastic. It's in an alert clock style yet does no come with a clock. Inside of the Snowmen alert Clock style Snow Globe: 3 snowmen by the Christmas tree sculpture, silver glitter flakes, and water.

Overall: 7.5'' H x 5.5'' W x 2.875'' DOverall Product Weight: 1.9lb.

Treasures come in every shapes and sizes. Some might be priceless, others host sentimental worth alone. Supplying a glimpse into Princess Ariel’s endowment trove, this mesmerizing snow world plays the tune “Part Of her World”. Dressed as Ariel native Disney’s The tiny Mermaid, a priceless Moments girl looks top top a cavern of wonders from the human people with Flounder beside her and also Sebastian looking on as well. Fans of the Disney movie The tiny Mermaid and Disney collectible gifts and also home accents will truly evaluate the detail and craftsmanship that this glittering snow globe and all the untold prizes it holds. This snow globe is closely crafted that resin and glass and is hand-painted. It provides an superior gift because that birthdays, holidays, or any type of special occasion. Think about this musical snow world for daughters, granddaughters, sisters, and also friends – anyone who is a treasure come you! motivated by Disney’s above characters, standard films, and more, valuable Moments Disney Showcase arsenal is draft to develop wonderful memories and magical moment of connection among Disney pan of every ages. For an ext than 40 years, valuable Moments has actually been committed to making the world a kinder place by helping civilization share the love. A timeless brand, priceless Moments helps you celebrate day-to-day moments and also commemorate special occasions through hand-painted porcelain figurines and also ornaments as well as modern-day kitchenware, home decor, baby gifts, and more. A distinct inspirational message lies in ~ the love of every priceless Moments product, thoughtfully designed therefore you can turn your distinct moments right into memories the last a lifetime.

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Overall: 6.7'' H x 4.3'' W x 4.3'' DOverall Product Weight: 2.85lb.