Blossoms covering the legs of Xochipilli, the Prince that Flowers. Part of the complicated Mexica pantheon, that is the god that music, dance, sports and love. Zhane masterfully replicates picture found in Tlalmanalco in 1890. Taken into consideration a masterpiece the Aztec art, it depicts a divine being who held good influence during the time of planting, and was a muse because that musicians and also poets.

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Overall: 7.5'' H x 4.7'' W x 6'' DOverall Product Weight: 3.1lb.

Doerrman sculpts the picture of a dog sitting tight through its head turn upward. In pre-Hispanic Mexico, the xoloitzcuintle dog was thought to companion its grasp in death, to aid the soul in cross rivers that blood along the roadway of the dead. Camarena achieves the rugged porous structure of a absent carving through this lively depiction. The signed piece stands ~ above a pinewood base.

Overall: 6'' H x 3.1'' W x 3.1'' DOverall Product Weight: 0.8lb.

Utzil, the Aztec god of sun and also war, appears in vibrant regalia in this ceramic sculpture by point of view Cerón. The is motivated by the images of the legendary deity featured in the Mexica Codex, because that the original sculpture was said to have been destroyed by a Spanish soldier and was rescued by a Tlatolatl. The statue reappeared in 1530 during an examination by Bishop Zumárraga, only to be shed again. That is speculated to it is in safely concealed in a cavern somewhere in the Anahuac Valley. Huitzilopochtli was stood for as a hummingbird as it was thought that an excellent warriors room reborn as these birds. Huitzilopochtli is usually shown with a feathered headdress, a black color face, and also a scepter shaped choose a snake. Ceron sculpts the item with yellow clay and also uses natural dyes for color.

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Overall: 15'' H x 11.8'' W x 3.5'' DOverall Product Weight: 3.8lb.