The software application is saying the our agency domain is blocked because of phishing URL.This has actually caused vast concerns amongst our client who had actually your software application on your laptops. Can we understand what happened here and what had actually triggered the false positive??Thank you in advance for clarification.Kind regardsBitrue

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-> have the right to report a suspected FP (File/Website) here:
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Hey there, this is continue to us again. We'd yes, really be thankful if friend could aid us recognize what had cause this false optimistic again in such a short time period. Www.bitrue.comIt affecting our reputation as a company, please aid fix it. Say thanks to you._______"The requested webbadress includes sabotage software program that can harm your computer. If you want to walk in come the webpage, close net protection and try againInfection type: URL:Phishing"
After entering my login info in (the site,, whereby my domains are hosted) and clicking "enter," i am taken to, where I acquire the warning: "URL:Phishing." i am unable to access my account, and would appreciate advise - must I proceed -- disable -- and go into the site?
I am can not to accessibility my account, and would appreciate advise - should I proceed -- disable -- and go right into the site?
After entering my login information in (the site,, where my domains are hosted) and clicking "enter," i am taken to hxxps://, wherein I acquire the warning: "URL:Phishing." i am unable to access my account, and would evaluate advise - need to I proceed -- disable -- and also go into the site?
Our virus specialists have now clearing its reputation in ours database.With URLs this change should it is in instant, yet it can take up to 24 hrs with files.
Hello sir, states that mine websit has actually been infected through url: phishing . So ns coulnt acces mine website . Could you pls look into the problem what has caused that or is the a mistake. Thanks in advance for her concern.

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