Macbeth Act i Act I, scene ns 1. What evidence is there that Banquo a) suspects Macbeth the the killing of Duncan? b) has begun wondering if he can make the prophesy come true? 2. By looking at Macbeth’s soliloquy (I. I. 48-72), summarize his factors for wanting Banquo dead. 3. How do the plans produced the second an excellent crime (the killing of Banquo) different from those produced the very first one (the murder of Duncan)? 4. Just how does Macbeth convince the murderers to killing Banquo? (I. I. 76-83, 92-108) 5.

Why go Macbeth’s decision to have Fleance murdered? 6. Exactly how does the planning of Banquo’s murder compare through that of Duncan’s murder? What change in Macbeth’s character does this emphasize? plot I, scene 7. Quote lines from this scene that present the torment that both Macbeth and also Lady Macbeth, even though they have attained your ambitions. 8. What readjust in the relationship between Macbeth and his mam is shown by the plan of Banquo’s murder? Who shows up stronger and more in control? 9. Copy down and also explain 2 metaphors from step .

Act I, scene i 10. In what respects deserve to Fleance’s escape be seen as a ‘turning point’ for Macbeth? act I, step iv 11. This step marks the start of Macbeth’s downfall. List the various “defeats” suffered by Macbeth during this scene. 12. Consider the irony that the entrance of Banquo’s ghost. In vault scenes, what has actually foreshadowed Banquo’s appearance at the banquet? 13. If you were the director, would certainly the ghost be clearly shows to the audience or would certainly it be, as Lady Macbeth suggests, a figment the Macbeth’s imagination?

What are the advantages and flaw of making the ghost visible? action I, step v 14. Few scholars think that this step was composed by Shakespeare. Nevertheless, that does carry out us with particular information worrying Macbeth’s fate. What go Hecate’s speech reveal? act I, scene using 15. What evidence is there the would suggest that lines must be talked sarcastically in this scene? 16. What details does the mr reveal concerning Macduff and Macbeth? 17. Who do you think will be Macbeth’s following victim(s)? What evidence would indicate this?

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